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You Me At Six
Location: Wembley Arena, London

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You Me At Six

with Deaf Havana and We Are The Ocean

Heavy Metal Reviews

(8th December 2012) British Pop Punkers YOU ME AT SIX had a very successful year 2012. Their third record, last year‘s Sinners Never Sleep, went gold in the UK, they played the main stage on many festivals like Reading and had sold-out tours. On the 8th December the band is gonna end the Sinners Never Sleep-era with one last show in London. It‘s not Brixton Academy as usual, it is Wembley Arena. 12.500 people helped to get that show absolutely sold out. This is more than twice as much as the usual crowd they play to in the UK. They are shooting their very first DVD as well on that night. Supportbands are the befriended bands DEAF HAVANA and WE ARE THE OCEAN.
At 7 o‘clock security manages it to get all people inside, right before the first band WE ARE THE OCEAN enters the stage. It surpises me how many of the under-18 year old girls are screaming as the now four-piece walk on stage. They play a short but very good set that consists of their last two records Go Now And Live and this year‘s Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow, which is the first one the Brits recorded without shouter Dan Brown, who left the band before recording. There are no tracks of their first self-titled ep or their debut record Cutting Our Own Teeth, which both showed a band that sounds similiar to Canada‘s post-hardcore outfit ALEXISONFIRE. So today they only play the more rock-tunes like Bleed, The Waiting Room or What It Feels Like. They are in a good shape and some people are already familiar with these dudes and their songs.
But it‘s DEAF HAVANA who makes the girls go wild. As the house lights dim, there is a huge crowd roar, mostly teenage and female. The fourpiece, which is live backed up by an additional guitar player and a keyboard player, seems to be a quite big name in the United Kingdom. In Germany they are only a very small one. At Wembley Arena the first quarter of the hall is dancing, jumping and singing along to the alternative rock of the group. It‘s no big surprise if you listen to tunes as the ones of I Will Try, Little White Lies or the great alternate version of tonight‘s opener The Past Six Years. The musicians seem to have a great time on stage. They are always in motion and smiling at the crowd while rocking out. These lads are definitly worth checking out.
It‘s great to see that YOU ME AT SIX play in front of such a great crowd. The first time I saw them in Cologne, back in January 2009, there were about 150 people. They just released their debut Take Off Your Colours in the UK and did a very small run of headline shows on the European mainland. Their Cologne show was the very first show ever in Germany and their only one on that run. Last year they headlined another show in Cologne with 400 kids in front of them, while headlining shows in England with 5000 people showing up. So, to see the band finally playing Wembley is great and something very different from the times I have seen YOU ME AT SIX before.
As the houselights dim and the intro to the band newest song, The Swarm, blasts through the venues PA, all the kids are slowly getting wild. For sure, this song is the perfect opening for a show of this size. The slowly rising songstructure is perfect to gain everyone‘s attention until the last chorus explodes. The light show the band built up for this very special show is amazing. I have seen some big bands like METALLICA, COLDPLAY or MÖTLEY CRÜE, their light shows weren‘t that far away from this one. There are pyro effects and flames coming up (or down) from everywhere on stage.
The setlist is a perfect mix of all the band‘s record. There are three songs taken from their debut, the two a-side singles Finders Keepers and Kiss And Tell and of course a bunch of songs from their last two outputs Hold Me Down and Sinners Never Sleep. Also rare played songs like Playing The Blame Game, Take Off Your Colours, Always Attract or the first ever perfomance of When We Were Younger, which is going to the end the first part of the show. Of course fan favourites like The Consequence, Reckless, Loverboy, Liquid Confidence, Save It For The Bedroom and Fireworks are played as well. It‘s surprising that the band chose Crash instead of their recent single No One Does It Better for another slower song.
The band itself is in a fantastic shape. Singer Josh Franceschi is sounding perfect, I have never heard him sing better before. They really know to deal with so many people in front of them. The kids do exactly what the band wants them to do. It doesn‘t matter if it‘s a huge sing-along or taking their tops off during Reckless, because every good live dvd needs a tops-off part, according to Franceschi.

Heavy Metal Reviews - You Me At Six mit Deaf Havana und We Are The Ocean - Wembley Arena London

After When We Were Younger the band leaves the stage without a word said. After a short break they return of course. Starting their encore with Stay With Me, which is a massive fan favourite at a YOU ME AT SIX show. Bite My Tongue follows directly. Rumours said that BRING ME THE HORIZON vocalist Oliver Sykes could be attending to the show and shout his part of the song. You can see that many faces are looking from left to right to check if someone is entering the stage. It doesn‘t happen, so Franceschi shouts himself, which sound pretty good. Two years earlier he failed epicly during a PARKWAY DRIVE gig at the Pukkelpop festival. Last song of the show is - as usual - Underdog. Then the band leaves the stage after almost 110 minutes rocking out. This was for sure the best YOU ME AT SIX show I have witnessed and one of the best concerts of 2012.

Text © by Sebastian Berning