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Location: Stadtsaal, Wetter on the Ruhr

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Shout It Out Loud Festival 2012

Heavy Metal Reviews

(13. October 2012) The Shout It Out Loud Festival is going into its third installment and the second of this year. As usual the promised headliner did not appear on the festival‘s billing. There is no DOKKEN and there is no WHITE LION (in it‘s promised form). But the festival organisators got RATT-singer Stephen Pearcy to be part of the billing and he will sing all your favourite RATT classics. Then there are other 80‘s bands like BANG TANGO and TIGERTAILZ. WHITE LION singer Mike Tramp is playing an acoustic set which will consist of WHITE LION and FREAK OF THE NATURE songs. Then there are new bands like the swedisch outfits CRASHDIET and CRAZY LIXX. There couldn‘t have been a much better line-up.
But there was a lot of trouble about the glam metal und sleaze festival. It should have taken place as usual in the RWE Hall in Muelheim/Ruhr. But a few weeks before the festival date it was moved to the small city of Wetter, which is close to Bochum and Witten. The venue, the Stadtsaal, is much smaller than the previous location and looks more like a youth club than a concert location. In the entrance area are some merch- and CD sellers just as well as in the back of the concert hall itself. Next to the concert hall is a little bar including the VIP area, which is seperated by some tape from the rest of the bar. Obviously very poor if you paid 50 euros more for your VIP ticket than the ordinary festival visitor.

The first band I watch is CRAZY LIXX. The Swedisch rockers were part of the first festival edition last year. Their most recent record Riot Avenue is quite a good output. So it‘s no surprise that many people attend to watch the group perform. The five piece seem to be in a great shape and they really enjoy their time on stage. The focus of their setlist in on their recent album and their debut Loud Minority, there are some tracks taken from their second output New Religion, though. Especially songs as Heroes are Forever, Whisky Tango Foxtrot or Riot Avenue get some real good response by the crowd.

Right after them Wales‘ finest glam outfit, TIGERTAILZ, are entering the stage. There is not much left of the 80‘s line-up except of guitarist Jay Pepper and drummer Ace Finchum. The band‘s new vocalist Jules Millis is doing a great job. He is really close to the fans in front of the stage and rocks out like the band‘s classics were his own songs. The band‘s setlist focuses mainly on the first two records, Young And Crazy (1987) and the hit record Bezerk (1990). Tunes such as Shoot To Kill, Love Overload or the band‘s biggest UK single hit Love Bomb Baby are exactly what the partying crowd wants to hear. I was very surprised that TIGERTAILZ put on such a good show, honestly.

Due to some traveling problems FATE can‘t make it on time for their performance, so WHITE LION singer MIKE TRAMP. The singer just turns up on stage with his acoustic guitar. The former rockstar kicks in with the WHITE LION classic Tell Me. During his performance it‘s obvious that the crowd is more interesstend in the glam metal outfit‘s tracks as in those of Tramp‘s sideprojekt FREAK OF THE NATURE. Classical tunes such as Cry For Freedom, Little Fighter, Broken Heart or WHITE LION‘s biggest hit When The Children Cry get massive respone by the crowd which is singling along to these must-know glam metal songs.

Then the Danish melodic rockers FATE finally turn up on stage. This is by far the most boring band of the festival day. Often you will think ‘Oh, this is a cover by xy‘ because the tracks seem to be familiar to you, but it‘s only FATE‘s own songs which remind you of many others. The five piece on stage itself delivers a boring performance as well. You don‘t need to remember the band, even though they are part of Europe‘s 80‘s scene.

Another 80‘s band, BANG TANGO, are part of the billing. The fourpiece is mixing glam, sleaze and funk. Some of their tunes are quite good but mainly the strong funk-influence is something that is weakening their songs in my opinion. The group‘s best days are long gone, obviously. Their singer is trying to imitate a young Axl Rose and their bassist looks more like he is playing in a 90‘s punk rock band like NoFX or NO USE FOR A NAME than a glam metal/hard rock band. This day‘s second worst gig.

Up next are the swdisch sleaze rockers of CRASHDIET. The concert hall is crowded like during no other set today. In the front rows there are mostly girls somewhere between 16 and 25. CRASHDIET deliver a real good rock‘n‘roll show, especially their singer Simon Cruz is putting on a real great performance. He is running and jumping all across the stage and looks cool as hell. Although, he is the band‘s third vocalist he is singing those tracks late singer Dave Leppard and second vocalist Oliver Twist recorded like those were his own. Of course they play mostly stuff taken off their recent record Generation Wild such as the title track, the melodic Save Her or the furious Rebel. There are many songs which appeared on CRASHDIET‘s debut Rest In Sleaze and some of The Unatractive Revolution. Right in the middle of the performance a festival worker is entering the stage and tells the crowd to leave the hall because the fire alarm was precipitated. After a few minutes outside of the venue the crowd can re-enter the hall. Obviously that caused a lack of energy during the following show of the Swedisch rockers. Still they give their performance their very best and bring it to a great end. By far this is the second to best performance of the day and looking up to the headliner.

RATT singer STEPHEN PEARCY is this festival edition‘s headliner. Tonight he will perform all the RATT classics. Back in the 80‘s he played shows in arenas, being the singer of one of the most successful glam metal/hard rock bands of that decade. You‘re In Love is of course one hell of a opener for a concert. But there are more hits to follow. PEARCY also manages it to play a song by ARCADE, his side-projekt during the late 80‘s, and a JUDAS PRIEST cover song, Hell Bent For Leather. It‘s great to see that the singer ist still in a good shape, even though he is already 53 years old and a past career as an addict. PEARCY is still rocking out, running across the stage and being close to his fans. He is shaking hands and giving first-bumps to those in the front rows. The setlist contains tracks of RATT‘s first five records and the classic 1983 self-titled ep. There are no tracks which are part of the bands last two records, 1999‘s Ratt or 2009‘s comeback album Infestation. But acutally this doesn‘t matter because for more than 70 minutes there are hits like Wanted Man, Body Talk, Back For More, Never Use Love. Lay It Down or Way Cool Jr. After promising to come back with RATT rather sooner than later, the singer ends his set with the band‘s biggest single hit Round And Round, bringing the festival to th phenomenal close.

Text © by Sebastian Berning