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Location: Werkstatt, Cologne

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Chiodos with The Color Morale

Chiodos with The Color Morale

(18th Nov 2013) CHIODOS reunited with their original singer Craig Owens back in 2012. This was quite a huge deal for the emo/post-hardcore scene, because this band was one of the best bands ever this scene had to offer. ESCAPE THE FATE should have been taking part on this tour as a co-headliner, but they had to stay at home, because singer Craig Mabbit‘s girlfriend expected the couple‘s second child.
About 90 people only seem to care about CHIODOS and their return to Europe. Before hailing the audience‘s old heroes, it‘s up to THE COLOR MORALE to warm up the small crowd. The technical metalcore sound almost blows the Werkstatt‘s speakers due to the horrifing high pitched sound. It takes a few songs until the sound becomes more acceptable, but still it is far away from a great live sound, but it‘s okay. The musicans seem to be quite sympathic and don‘t take themselves too seriously. This is a band people should check out. During the half an hour set a small moshpit emerges. It consists of US-soldiers, according to the band. Despite a patriotic and christian tone in some of the announcements during the songs, this is a better show than I expected it to be.
After a long break it‘s up to CHIODOS to hit the stage. The band starts it‘s set with one of their most brutal songs, ‘The Undertaker's Thirst For Revenge Is Unquenchable (The Final Battle)‘. From the very first second there is a moshpit, but it‘s got nothing to do with adjectives like ‘impressive‘, ‘brutal‘, ‘violent‘ or ‘cool‘. In fact it‘s circle of guns running around and something hitting each other while running.
The band‘s setlist included songs of the two records Craig Owens‘ sang for, “All‘ Well That Ends Well“ and “Bone Palace Ballat“ (including songs from it‘s re-release “Bone Palace Ballat: Grand Coda“). Even though there is not a trace of any song from “Illuminaudio“, the record CHIODOS did without Owens, they play ‘Thermacare‘. Yes, that tune both parties made a huge internet fraud about, because both wanted to use it. And there is a new song, which sounds quite heavy. It will appear on the bands fourth record, which will be released in March 2014.
The only negative thing about this great performance is, that it‘s only 45 minutes long. It‘s even strange, becasue Owens admits, that they didn‘t perform as much as they should have done in Germany. So, their reunion and the fact that this is CHIODOS‘ first performance in almost five years, would have been the perfect occasion to perform at least for an hour. After ‘The Words ‘Best Friends‘ Become Redefined‘ the show is over. There is no encore, just the promise to come back very soon. I hope that this will happend, because this performance was great and leaves everybody wishing for more.

Text © by Sebastian Berning