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Location: Underground, Köln

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Off! with Trash Talk

Heavy Metal Reviews

(10th Juni 2012) BRAT PACK are the first band entering stage in the unexpected full Underground. Most visitors seem to be unaware of the band, and I am no expection. The band plays Punk Rock and reminds me of the current CEREMONY record. There are more than three accords and a littele 70s Proto-Punk influence. There is no real enthusiasm in the crowd howeber. The musicians do not move enough and can not motivate people to more movement. They have mercy with us after 20 minutes. After a 30 minute break TRASH TALK start playing. The Americans are known for the furious, dangerous and crazy live shows. Anything can happen at a band's live show. “Hash Wednesday“ opens the set very evil, starting slowly but bringing the song to pure anger's explosion and the kids are going wild. I have seen a lot of bands in the Underground club, but the location was never destroyed like this. Song after song it gets even rougher making the songtitle “There is war on the dancefloor“ a literal equivalent. The setlist is a good representative of the discography. “Explode“, “Worthless Nights“, “Awake“, “Well Of Souls“, “Slander“ - everything is played and makes the fans getting even more crazy about it. Between the songs singer Lee seems like a pleasant person telling stories about yesterdays football game or older shows in Cologne. Even when taking the whole pit to the bar the band seems like a bunch of fun guys.

and Brat Pack

The show is over after half an hour. And I have never seen anything more sick than secret headliner Trash Talk. There is also a lot going on off stage during OFFs gig, but the audience is a bit older than the one of Trash Talk. No wonder, Keith Morris is fronting the band, who once was Black Flag's and Circle Jerks' singer which attracts one or another punk. Off! Are doing a great show as well. The intensity of Trash Talk's gig is not reached, but especially the songs of new album are quite good. Off! Also leave after half an hour and there is nothing to complain about. There wasn't more of a hardcore vibe anywhere in Cologne that weekend. Only the long set up breaks that were longer than the band's sets were a bit annoying.

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