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Location: Underground, Cologne

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Funeral For A Friend with The Tidal Sleep and Gnarwolves

Funeral For A Friend with The Tidal Sleep and Gnarwolves

(23th October 2013) At the moment FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND are on top of their game - once again. Gone are the days of the alternative rock of the band‘s thrid and fourth record. The most recent effort “Conduit“ shows the band as vital as it was in the beginning. Short and energetic songs somewhere between hardcore, US-pop-punk and some metallic roots. According to this very record this fall‘s shows are going to be great.
First band of the evening is GNARWOLVES. These UK rockers are pretty new to the game. The threesome blends 90‘s emo like MINERAL or TEXAS IS THE REASON with a modern approach of pop punk and hardcore. It‘s quite possible that these tunes remind you of the almighty TITLE FIGHT. Their songs are quite nice but you get the illusion towards the end of the group‘s set that there aren‘t a lot of changes inbetween the songs, most of the played stuff sounds quite similar. Due to the sympathic characters on stage their show is far from being a bad one.
Up next on stage is German hardcore-meets-post-rock-crew THE TIDAL SLEEP. The five piece shared the stage with the ones of SILVERSTEIN and FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND before. The very atmospheric music of the perfect looking students of philosophy is heavy, but not really aggressive. So it‘s no surprise that there isn‘t any aggression on stage or in front of it. For a set of thirty minutes where not much is happening this kind of hardcore is a bit of boring, especially in the second half of the band‘s set. There should be some fast parts or something that gives the song a kick.

But FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND know how to put up a good show. Without any intro the band introduces itself and start with the first song ‘10.45 Amsterdam Conversation‘. The next three songs are as well taken from the bands very first release “Between Order And Model“: ‘Juno‘ (even though the “Casually Dressed & Deep In Coversation“-version “Juneau“ is played), ‘Red Is The New Black‘ and ‘The Art of American Football‘.
Then the band plays a greatest hit set consisting of songs taken from the records “Seven Ways To Scream Your Name“ EP, “Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation“, “Hours“, “Welcome Home Armageddon“ (kind of sad that they only play ‘Sixteen‘ from that release) and “Conduit“. There are no songs taken from the bands more alternative rock orientated era, “Tales Don‘t Tell Themselves“ and “Memory & Humanity“. Even though both albums are better than many people think, it‘s good that no material is played because these tunes wouldn‘t fit in this more aggressive setlist. And of course there are always songs you‘ll miss at shows of a band with that many songs in their backcatalogue. So it‘s me missings tunes as ‘The Distance‘ and ‘Spine‘ from “Conduit“ and ‘Front Row Seats To The End of The World‘ from “Welcome Home Armageddon“.
The band‘s performance is really good. There is a lot of energy on stage and the great setlist makes it even easier for the Welsh band to win over the crowd. The audience could have been a little bit more edgy, but most folks are poeple who‘ve been with this band since the first or second release. It‘s good to see that FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND is still an asskicking band on stage and that the days of quite solid alternative rock are over for a more back-to-the-roots-approach of their own music.

Text © by Sebastian Berning