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Location: Underground, Cologne

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Your Demise with Betrayal and Coldburn

Your Demise with Betrayal and Coldburn

(15th October 2013) YOUR DEMISE say goodbye to their fans. This year the band announced their break-up and that they‘ll play a farewell tour. In retrospect this British band only released one really great record, 2010‘s “The Kids We Used To Be...“. Their first two EPs are more than boring. Their debut record “Ignorance Never Dies“ is quite good, but lacks of hit songs. Only ‘Burnt Tongues‘ sticks around over all those years. Their last record, 2012‘s “The Golden Age“ has a bunch of good tracks, which switch from pop punk to melodic hardcore to metalcore. But in its entirety the album lacks an overall focus. So you‘ve got good songs, which don‘t make up a good record. The band‘s latest 7“ single “Cold Chillin‘“ is as weak as their recent live shows: four songs nobody really needs in his life. So the farewell isn‘t a bad idea.

First band for tonight is German newcomers COLDBURN. I expected some dark and melodic hardcore like the ones of DEAD SWANS or MORE THAN LIFE, but this band is quite tough. Metallic mid-tempo hardcore with some nice grooves but a huge lack of memorable moments. The crowd seems to be familiar with the band and so there‘s some action going on in front of the small stage of the venue. But the most annoying part of COLDBURN‘s show is their singer‘s speeches inbetween songs. Seems like he‘s studying philosophy for the first semester and doesn‘t really have a clue about what he‘s talking about.

BETRAYAL from Los Angeles are up next. This band seriously lacks skills in songwriting. Actually there are no songs. It‘s just an addition of breakdowns and a faster part here and there just to lead to another, even slower breakdowns. Riffs or melodies don‘t exist in BETRAYAL‘s universe. I can‘t understand why people seem to dig this “music“. The kids in front of the stage are going nuts about the heavy sound. I‘ve seen THICK AS BLOOD a few years ago. This band writies similiar music in comparison to BETRYAL, but they still write a song in some way. I hope I‘ll never have to see this band play again.
After a break of twenty minutes it‘s time for YOUR DEMISE to hit the stage. ‘Karma‘ is the opening track of the band‘s set. From the very first second there is a huge pit in front of the stage and bodies jumping up and down along the the nu metal-riff of the song‘s verse. The setlist is all killers, no fillers. Tunes such as ‘Born A Snake‘, ‘Miles Away‘, ‘Push Me Under‘, ‘These Lights‘, ‘Life Of Luxary‘ or ‘Burnt Tongues‘ are among the best shots this band ever had. I don‘t know if I‘m too old for this band or it‘s just strange, that the band behaves and acts like 90‘s rappers. Singer Ed McRae‘s short raps during some songs are really strange and, at least to me, kind of annoying. Another point of criticism is that McRae only manages to sing two or three words and gives the microphone to the fans. He should concentrate on his clear vocals and just a few hillarious raps.‘The Kids We Used To Be‘ is YOUR DEMISE‘s last song they‘ll ever play in Cologne. So it‘s no surprise that people are mental by now and jumping on stage to get a short hold of the microphone. This show was way better than the last ones I‘ve seen by . But honestly, it‘s a good thing that this band calls it a day.
They‘ve been better and they‘ll never be as good as during the (pre-)“The Kids We Used To Be“-era.

Text © by Sebastian Berning