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Location: Underground, Cologne

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Reckless Love with Hollywood Burnouts and Rebellious Spirit

Heavy Metal Reviews

(29th October 2012) Glam metal seems to get very popular again these days. There are a lot of bands on tour right now. Old ones like VAN HALEN, SKID ROW‘s former singer SEBASTIAN BACH, MÖTLEY CRÜE, KISS or POISON as well as new bands (which are mostly from Scandinavia if you want some good ones) such as HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, CRASHDIET or RECKLESS LOVE. The later are doing their first German show tonight in Cologne on their first ever full European tour in support of their most recend effort 2011‘s Animal Attraction.
The Finnish rockers‘ first support act is REBELLIOUS SPIRIT. I just get to see the second half of their show. It seems like their GUNS N‘ ROSES cover of Paradise City is the only thing worth noticing. Their stage performance is solid but nothing which excites the audience. Most of the fans are in the bar next to the concert hall or in front of the venue still chatting and having a drink.
The following HOLLYWOOD BURNOUTS are much better. Their hard rock is fueled by the ones of VAN HALEN, DEF LEPPARD (both the early material) and mid-80‘s WHITESNAKE. The four-piece got a quite good reputation because of their debut record Excess All Areas. You can see some more faces now in front of the Undergrounds‘s small stage. A good part of these seem to be familiar with the band‘s tracks as they headbang and sing along to HOLLYWOOD BURNOUTS‘s hard rocking tunes. After nearly 40 minutes the three men and the woman on bass say goodbye to the crowd.
Right before RECKLESS LOVE enter the stage there are about 170 people lined up in the Underground to welcome the Finnish glam metal band. It‘s obvious that they are very attractive for female listeners as the first few rows are filled with many girls under 18. Starting their set with Animal Attraction it couldn‘t be any better. Singer Oliver Hermann enters the stage dressed in a leather jacket and an oversized sunglass, hardly moving during the first song. But he doesn‘t take Speedin‘ literally as he‘s taking off his jacket and glasses and runs over the stage all the time to get the audience moving.

The band delivers a good mix of their two records, Reckless Love and Animal Attraction, as well as the new song Push which is featured on their new ep Born To Break Your Heart. Their fans love both, new songs such as Hot, Born To Break Your Heart, Coconuts or Speedin‘ and dig old classics such as Badass, Romance, Wild Touch and of course One More Time, which will end their show after 70 minutes.

RECKLESS LOVE are perfoming like hell, doing every pose they must have seen from the old 80‘s rock videos of POISON, BON JOVI, VAN HALEN or 80‘s KISS. But it‘s their singer Hermann that makes this show that enjoyable. He talks to the audience, rocks all across the stage and puts a smile on every face in the room. For sure this is one of the best concerts I have witnessed in 2012.

Text © by Sebastian Berning