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Location: Underground II, Cologne

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Kip Winger and Florian Hofer

Heavy Metal Reviews

(17th September 2012) It‘s not that possible that glam metal heroes WINGER will return to Europe in the near future. So it‘s great to have their singer KIP WINGER playing some shows overseas. These shows are very intimate and it‘s just him with an acoustic guitar on a stage performing WINGER classics as well as some tracks taken of his solo records.
As I enter the Underground I‘m not very suprised that the show takes place in the smaller venue of Cologne‘s Underground. I think I‘m watching FLORIAN HOFER but there‘s another guy on stage just with his acoustic guitar. I don‘t get his name, but he‘s playing some singer/songwriter music and telling funny stories inbetween his tunes.
Right after his gig it‘s FLORIAN HOFER entering the stage. As well it‘s just one man and a guitar. His voice reminds me of late Layne Staley of ALICE IN CHAINS. HOFER has some serious troubles to connect with the audience. He wants the few who attended to sing along, to clap or simply to get closer to the stage, but nothing of that happens. It‘s obvious that he‘s unlucky about the show and just wants to finish his set. Even his coverversion of NEIL DIAMONDS Heart of Gold doesn‘t attract the 50 people in front of him that much.
After a short break KIP WINGER is making his way through the audience, which drew a total of about 85 people, up to the small stage of the venue. After a few German words the former rockstar begins his set with Cross, one of his solo tunes. But it‘s the following tunes by his band WINGER who attracts the audience the most. Starting with Easy Come, Easy Go from the band‘s hit record In The Heart Of The Young, released back in 1990, the show is getting better and better.
It‘s great to see KIP having a good time on stage. He talks a lot to his fans, is joking and a really sympathic man. Even though he‘s not playing in front of a few thousand people like he used to back in the early 90‘s, KIP WINGER is enjoying the show from start to finish. And his fans are dedicating as well for the singer delivers all the WINGER classics like Headed For A Heartbreak, Hungry, Who‘s The One, Blind Revolution Man and the propably best glam metal ballad ever, Miles Away. For that song he invites someone out of the audience to sing with for. Fortunatly the fan he chooses can sing quite good, so this great tune isn‘t ruined at all. He also plays some tracks of WINGER‘s new records like Deal With The Devil, taken off of the most recent record, 2009‘s Karma.

he promises to come back

Most people are waiting for Madalaine and Seventeen, which was highly requested by a fan during the whole show. After these songs there is no encore, but WINGER plays a final tune, IV‘s hit Blue Suede Shoes. Then he says goodbye to the crowd after his 80 minute set, which was more than just fantastic. And he promises to come back, next time with the band. So it‘s more realistic than I thought it would be to get the chance to see WINGER.

Text © by Sebastian Berning