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Location: Underground, Köln

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Hardcore Superstar with Heaven‘s Basement

Heavy Metal Reviews

(3th August 2012) Swedish sleaze metallers HARDCORE SUPERSTAR are back for a short European tour. One of their shows takes place in Cologne. Still, they support their most recent release „Split Your Lip“. To support their own shows they take out British hard rockers HEAVEN‘S BASEMENT.
These guys turn up on stage exactly at eight o‘clock to bring some melodic rock‘n‘roll action to the almost sold out venue. Their music sounds like a mix of „High ‘N‘ Dry“-era DEF LEPPARD and old VAN HALEN, but their blend of rock has a modern edge as well. Most of the audience seem to be unfamiliar with the British foursome, but it takes not the most part of the band‘s 40 minutes set to win the crowd over. Tune such as Electric, Tear Your Heart Out, Unbreakable or the power-ballad Let Me Out Of Here prove that the band got some real good songs to call their own. Also thanks to the singer‘s good voice which reminds you a bit of VAN HALEN‘s Sammy Hagar. After these 40 minutes they‘ve got some new fans for sure.
It takes almost half an hour until Dance The Night Away, the 1979‘s VAN HALEN hit single, blasts through the Underground‘s pa. Everybody knows that this is the intro to every HARDCORE SUPERSTAR show. As the four Swedish enter the stage there‘s barely any room in the front rows and it‘s not getting any better during the first notes of Sadistic Girls, tonight‘s show opener. The band seems to be in a very good shape right now. They are as dedicated as they fans are. They are down-to-earth guys, who get in touch with their audience and got more to say than just ,Thank you!‘ or ,This song is called...‘. May be this is what got them where they are today. They could easily sell out bigger venues than Cologne‘s Underground with a new record out. It‘s obvious that their fans still love the tracks off their 2005 self-titled record. Kick On The Upper Class, My Good Reputation or Wildboys are fan favourites. Although all their songs are get great reception by the crowd. Though that‘s quite easy with rockers such as Medicate, Summer Season‘s Gone, Guestlist, the piano-turned-into-guitar-ballad Run To Your Mama or encore tracks Moonshine, Last Call For Alcohol and - of course - We Don‘t Celebrate Sundays.

We Don‘t Celebrate Sundays

After 75 minutes the fourpiece says goodbye to the enthusastic crowd and promise to come back soon. Hopefully they play in bigger venues next time, for they deserve it.

Text © by Sebastian Berning