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Parkway Drive
Location: Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen

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Parkway Drive with Emmure

The Word Alive and Structures

Heavy Metal Reviews

(24th Nov 2012) The times where metalcore bands play in small clubs are over. More and more bands gain popularity and draw huge audiences. Just think of the ones like BRING ME THE HORIZON, ASKING ALEXANDRIA, AS I LAY DYING or AUGUST BURNS RED. Not to mention big boys KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, who play in front of 3000 people every night. Australia‘s finest metalcore act PARKWAY DRIVE are in the league, too - at least in Europe and at home.
There is such a huge crowd of people waiting in front of Oberhausen‘s Turbinenhalle that most people aren‘t inside in time for tonight‘s first band STRUCTURES. As the newcomers start their set there are about 1500 people still outside of the venue. They don‘t miss that much, actually. STRUCTURES deliver one-size-fits-all mtalcore with heavy breakdowns, new metal riffs and some more technical aspects. The crowd in front of the stage seem to be unfamiliar with the band and only a few people move around to the metalcore outfit‘s brutal breakdowns.
I‘m suprised how many people do know next band, THE WORD ALIVE. They‘ve played last year‘s Never Say Die Tour and a headline run this summer (even though singer Tyler “Telle“ Smiths says that this is their first time in Europe). I thought most people didn‘t get into them during their slot at Never Say Die, tonight there is almost half of the venue screaming as the five-piece enters the stage. Starting their set with 2012, the hit of their debut record, 2010‘s Deceiver, people get wild right from the start. The band itself seem to have a lot of fun as well, even though Smith seems to be aware that his hair is still looking good during the whole show. Of couse their new songs from 2012‘s Life Cycles get the biggest reactions. Tunes such as the anthemic title track or Entirery are cleary the highlights of THE WORD ALIVE‘s most recent tracks.
Then EMMURE are on stage. I don‘t know, the band‘s first two records are really good as well as this year‘s Slave To The Game, but the two records in-between are more of a new metal rip-off. Also their live shows got more and more embarassing. The fans that are really into EMMURE sometimes look like they physically suffer during lines such as „I‘m propably the worst fuck you ever had“. Nevermind, today the band seems to be in a good mood and play a solid set. Unfortunatly the most songs are taken from Felony, the band‘s weakest record and only two songs of the setlist are taken from Slave To The Game. The kids in the moshpit are of couse embarassing as hell and it‘s funny to see that they feel very cool, but most people around them are laughing.
The first time I have seen PARKWAY DRIVE was back in summer 2007 as they played on Pressure Festival. The band had a quite early spot on the billing as well as at Vainstream Festival, where they had to play at 12 o‘clock and only about 400 kids attended their show. Five years later they headline shows in front of more than 3000 people. Scene kids, hardcore fans, metalheads, they are all there to see the Australian band perform new songs which can be found on their new record Atlas.
Sparks and Old Ghosts / New Regrets is a perfect way for the Aussies to start their set. From the very first second emerges a huge pit with many kids jumping around. The band itself has a lot of fun playing the new stuff. They seem to be in a better shape then earlier this year as they were still touring in support of 2010‘s Deep Blue. The whole band is moving across the stage and gets the audience wilder and wilder by every second. But that‘s not surprising if you take a look on the setlist that features hits like Boneyards, Anchors and Idols, Romance Is Dead, Deliver Me or newer highlights like Blue And The Grey or the first single of Atlas, Dark Days.
After enthusasting 65 minutes PARKWAY DRIVE say goodbye with one of their most melodic tracks ever, Carrion, the highlight of 2008‘s Horizons. PARKWAY DRIVE delivered a real good show which only lacks because there were too less songs taken from their debut Killing With A Smile.

Text © by Sebastian Berning