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Brand New
Location: Stollwerck, Cologne

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Brand New

Brand New

(25th April 2014) Finally, BRAND NEW return to European stages. It's been nearly seven years that the American emo/indie/alternative rockers have played a show in Germany. After last year's tour cancellation I must confess that I had no hopes that this string of German shows would actually happen.
The moment I enter the venue there is some kind of relief that the show in Cologne will happen. Unfortunately I miss the first band, THE FRONT BOTTOMS. To be honest: I am too excited about seeing BRAND NEW, that I would not have cared too much about any support acts.
The lights go out and BRAND NEW enter the stage without any intro. They are their own intro! A cacophony of noise and feedback is a perfect way to interlude into the opening song of tonight, 'Vices' taken from the band's latest effort, 2009's "Daisy". Some more songs of "Daisy" are following like the slow 'You Stole' or 'At The Bottom'.
The band's setlist is divided into album sections. After the "Daisy" material there is a bunch of songs taken from the emo-classic "Deja Entendu". 'Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades' is one hell of a great song and gets euphoric reaction from the 800 people that came to see BRAND NEW. The other tunes, which appear on this record, are fan favourites as well. 'I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light' is well sung by the whole crowd and 'Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis' invites the fans to jump up and down. Somewhere in-between the band also plays 'Seventy Times Seven' of their famous debut "Your Favourite Weapon". But sadly this is the only song of this particular album to be included into tonight's set.
To end this great performance BRAND NEW play many songs of "The Devil And God Are Raging In Me". These depressive and sad songs are the highlight of this show. I expect that everyone's arms are covered with goose bumps during the fantastic performance of songs like 'Jesus Christ' oder 'Limousine'. It's evident that singer Jesse Lacey suffers alot during these tunes, because there is so much emotion in his voice. Sometimes maybe a little too much, because he loses the right timing and sings apart from the crowd, that is still in strict time.
Actually, I am no fan of long shows. But these 100 minutes were almost perfect. It leaves me with wishing for two or three songs more. Hopefully BRAND NEW don't need another seven years to return for a full European tour.

Text © by Sebastian Berning