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The Cold Harbour with Giver and Sleepers

The Cold Harbour with Giver and Sleepers

(27th Jul 2014) It took THE COLD HARBOUR two years to return to Cologne. The British melodic hardcore band usually plays only a short string of shows on the European mainland. Mostly these short tours take them to East- and South-Germany. But now the hardcore outfit returns at last. It seems like the concert is close to being sold out, even though it was announced only a few days before the show.
German hardcore newcomers SLEEPERS are the first band to play. The outfit can be compared to FJØRT, because their style is very atmospheric. But the band's use of clean vocals should be something they practice harder. It just doesn't sound right, because he singer is miles away from the right notes. Their overall performance is kind of insecure as well, but that's due to the fact, that this is a new band.
Up next are GIVER from Paderborn. I have seen this band earlier this year as they were the support act for WOLF DOWN. I wasn't very impressed back then, but I must admit that this show is far better. The band's angry hardcore reminds me of a light-version of LAST WITNESS and there are some reactions from the crowd. Even though GIVER is just a support act, it is the only band to have a mosh pit during most of the show. The band debuts two new tracks, which will appear on their upcoming release. These new tunes are small highlights of GIVER's set.
It's ten past eleven o'clock when THE COLD HARBOUR kicks in with the intro 'Memories' and 'Old Souls', both taken from the band's latest 7" "Seasons". The band's very melodic and very atmospheric hardcore is live even better than on record, because the tunes sound a little bit more edgy now. But singer Dan Egnton's voice suffered from the three previous shows, so his shouts sound hoarse.
Nevertheless the show is more than solid rock. The performance is tight and you can see that the British lads are happy to play a show in front of 70 or something fans. The setlist is good mix of their debut "Homebound" and three out of four songs from "Seasons" as well as their stand alone single 'Young Love', which closes the 30 minutes long set. Even though the only mosh action is during 'The Lonely Rose', the crowd seems to have a good time. It's obvious that THE COLD HARBOUR has some fans in Cologne, that don't want to wait another two years for the British hardcore group to return to their city.

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