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Location: RWE Sporthalle, Mülheim

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Shout It Out Loud Festival 2012

Heavy Metal Reviews

(13. März 2012) Last year was the first time the Shout It Out Loud festival happened. With headlining act CINDERELLA there was a little surprise. The glam metal band hasn’t played a show in Germany for fifteen years and their only show took place in Muelheim. There was a lot of trouble with the organisation last year, but the festival makers promised to do better next time and said that glam legend POISON could headline the festival’s next edition. But POISON could not show up, so QUIET RIOT was announced as the festival’s headliner, which was great as well for the band plays rarely in Europe. But due to uncertain circumstances they cancelled their show and so DANGEROUS TOYS, which haven’t played in Germany for 22 years should fill in the headliner slot, but obviously HARDCORE SUPERSTAR are a bigger band by now, so the Swedish sleaze outfit got the headliner slot.
The first band I see is SISTER. The swedisch sleaze metal foursome seem to attract some fans. There are about 200 fans right in front of the stage. Therefore only about 700 people are attending at the end of the day that’s quite good for a band that plays in the afternoon at four o’clock. Their debut record “Hated” got a lot of attention in the scene. The raw blend of sleaze, metal and some punk rock is perfect for the younger fans, while the matured fans seem to be more interested in shopping merchandise or having a drink. Songs like Motherfuckers (Like You), Drag Me To The Grave or Hated are exactly what people want to hear by SISTER. This was a real good start for my festival day. Netherlands’ VANDERBYURST are up next. Their self-titled debut record got a lot of positive reviews by critics. Their sound is closer to classic 80’s metal than any other band of today’s billing. To me their sound is lacking some good ideas. It’s typical trad metal without any big choruses or something. This is mirrored in their stage acting which consists mostly of headbanging. But TUFF-Singer Steve Rachelle knows how to put up a great show. Along with members of Munich based allstar band SHAMELESS he plays many songs of TUFF and some of SHAMELESS. Rachelle is a perfect front man who knows how to interact with the audience. You could imagine him perform in front of 20.000 instead of just 200 fans. Especially the TUFF tracks like the power-ballad I Hate Kissing You Goodbye, which gained some attention on MTV back in 1991, or Good Guys Wear Black and The All-New Generation are great tunes people seem to dig. By now this is the best performance of today’s bands. It would have been great to hear some more TUFF classics. Up next on the small stage are VAIN. The band around singer Davy Vain starts their show with Secrets, the opener of their ’89 classic debut record “No Respect”. Their sleaze/glam metal is really good and it’s great so hear that they put the focus on their first album. But also there are a few songs taken off of their most recent output “Enough Rope”, especially its title tack is a delicious tune. But it’s songs like Icy, Who’s Watching You? or No Respect that gain the most reactions by the audience. In-between their songs it is real quiet, which is kind of strange, but musically this is by far the best performance yet.
Since twenty-two years Texas’s sleaze crew DANGEROUS TOYS did not play in Germany. So you could imagine that the band is hungrier than it actually is. They kick off with Outlaw, but only the hits are great tracks, the rest of the show is not boring, but dogged. For the next 75 minutes they switch between “good” and “lame”. The fans’ reactions aren’t overwhelming as well. People like the band, but I have seen more enthusiastic crowds that today. Although it’s nice to hear classic tunes like Queen Of The Nile, Scarred, Teas’n Pleas’n or Ten Boots. DANGEROUS TOYS leave the fans with mixed feelings about the show. It just wasn’t as energetic as TUFF or VAIN.

Hardcore Superstar, Dangerous Toys, Vain, Tuff, Vanderbyurst und Sister

But HARDCORE SUPERSTAR knows how to put up a great show. The Swedish sleaze heroes gained a lot of popularity during the last few years. Their self-titled record was their international breakthrough and so it’s obvious that people are pleased to hear a lot of stuff taken from that one. The foursome seems to be in a great mood today and happy to have the most fans of today’s groups. The audience is singing along, jumping up and down or pumping their fist in the air. Tunes like the opener Sadistic Girls or Beg For It, Wild Boys, My Good Reputation, Dreamin’ In A Casket or the crowd’s favourite Last Call For Alcohol get a lot of great reactions by the 700 fans. The ballad Run To Your Mama is great as well, even though it’s played by a guitar instead of the piano. The band really knows how to interact with the fans so it’s possibly the best performance of 2012’s edition of the Shout It Out Loud festival. After an hour and a half HARDCORE SUPERSTAR end their great performance with their anthem We Don’t Celebrate Sundays. Shout It Out Loud 2012 has been a great day of rock’n’roll. But there is going to be another SIOL festival in October with Swedish sleaze rockers CRASHDIET (who had to cancel their show this time due to health issues), CRAZY LIXX, UK’s TIGERTAILZ, BANG TANGO and possibly WHITE LION and DOKKEN as headliners. I’m sure that the third edition will attract a lot more people than the first editions did.

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