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Comback Kid - Die Knowing

Comback Kid Die Knowing

Comeback Kid's first two albums "Turnt It Around" and "Wake The Dead" are among the best has tHardcore has to offer. Also, "Broadcasting ...", on which guitarist Andrew Neufeld sings for the first time, was a really good album. The follow-up "Symptoms + Curses" could not really convince me. Three and a half years later "The Knowning" is released.
The first impression is clear: the band sounds again a bit darker and harder at the same time. Not The music is not only once reminiscent of “Broadcasting”. Melodic guitars meet with lots of groove and massive heavyness. Many times I am reminded of Terror or Madball. I can not remember that COMEBACK KID earlier put such a brutal groovetogether. The title track or 'Lower The Line' are good examples. This is especially true for the first half of the album, although "Symptoms + Curses" contains similar tracks, but sound the new compositions are catchy and melodic - hence the comparison with "Broadcasting ...".
COMEBACK KID but still sounds very catchy. Especially the last song, 'Sink In'. Due to the gang shouts in the chorus this number should be a hit at concerts. It is no different with songs like 'Should Know Better', 'I Depend, I Control', 'The Knowing' or 'Did not Even Mind'.
Few bands in the scene can create such melodic, yet edgy songs. This is exactly what the Canadians has made to such a popular band and "The Knowing" will not change that. On the contrary: There is a significant increase to its predecessor. If you like the first three COMEBACK KID-albums, yiu will be happy with the fifth work of the guys.

I Killed The Prom Queen – Beloved

Resolution, Reunion, Resolution, Reunion. I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN know how to entertain the fans. Eight years after "Music For The Recent Deceased" they finally release a new album. Jamie Hope (ex-THE RED SHORE)is alreday the fifth singer of the band. He des a very good job, especially because he resembles his predecessor Edward Butcher vocally.
The piano intro of opener 'Beginning Of The End' is a good beginning for the very good song "Beloved". This is what the band should sound like! 'To The Wolves' is also a good song in direct connection. Even better, however, is 'Thirty One & Sevens'. This is the obvious hit of the album.
However, the remaining material must not hide. I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN provides Metalcore numbers that do really have anything to do with metal and not only consist of a series of breakdowns. Also Swedish Melodic Death of the brand IN FLAMES or SOILWORK is clearly seen as an influence. 'No One Will Save Us', 'Nightmares' or 'Calvert Street' are making this clear. Especially since the band could even win SOILWORK vocalist Björn Stridfor 'Calvert Street'.
"Beloved" is a really good album, but I have to complain about the production unfortunately. It corresponds to the modern scene standard, but I personally would have liked a little more rough edges. Lately, I have often played the predecessor "Music For The Recently Deceased" and the album is a good example for a fitting sound. “Beloved” sounds is too inflated for my taste. A rough sound might have slightly better fit to the metal-heavy overall picture of I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN.
The 38 minutes of "Beloved" are very entertaining and should make any fan of the group happy. This Reunion is more than a success for the band, especially as it continues to work on and did not just warmed up old stuff. One must hope that it will be going better this time running for the boys.

Backtrack - Lost In Life

"Lost In Life" will certainly satisfy the hardcore scen. The new BACKTRACK album will make everyone happy who thinks that Terror today is too much metal. The third work of this New York band definitely has potential.. Classics like Madball or SICK OF IT ALL, are here interpreted in a modern way, like Terror did it 10 or 12 years ago.
The guys from BACKTRACK prove with lots of groove, that they have learned the basics of hardcore by heart. "Lost In Life" offers absolutely nothing new or adds any new nuance, but Backtrack do well what they do.The angry mood of the 30 minute album is credible and runs consistently through the twelve wrecking balls of "Lost In Life". It is also nice that the numbers are more violent and heavy. But that is something you would expect from a New School band anyway. Nevertheless, one can clearly make out hits, such as the very catchy 'Their Rules' that is sure to invite o one or the other sing-along. at concerts.
Sure thing: BACKTRACK has delivered a good album. For Madball or Terror die hard fans, this is certainly even a very good. "Lost In Life" is entertaining hardcore fun, but does not have the greatest long-term effect on me.

Morrissey - Your Arsenal (Definite Master)

The driving alternative rock of "Your Arsenal", Morrissey's third solo album ("Bona Drag" was finally 'just' a compilation), is very popular among fans. I personally like the successor to "Vauxhall & I" even better. After "Viva Hate", "Bona Drag" and "Kill Uncle" have already been re-released in the last two years, now finally also follows "Your Arsenal".
This album there is really not much to compian about. With its daring declaration of love that surely any womanwould like to hear, 'You're The One For Me, Fatty' and 'The National Front Disco', which caused a scandal with the line 'And England for the English', "your Arsenal” has two of my absolute favorites . Especially the rocking overall impression makes this record so special. After the somewhat sentimental and more experimental "Kill Uncle" this work is exactly what fans wanted to hear. 'You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side' is still regarded as a classic. The same applies to 'Glamorous Glue' and 'We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful'. It's really hard to find weak points in these ten songs. Rarely MORRISSEY was stronger along with his solo band. Yes, "Your Arsenal" is so strong that it can almost keep up with the iconic THE SMITHS albums.
The sound of the remasters is also very good. While I experience the "Your Arsenal" anno 2014 not as revolutionary differently, or realise completely new details, the revamped sound is louder and fuller than the '92 original version. However, it is a pity that you do not have bonus tracks included in the album, as with the previous re-releases. There is, however, a more than decent bonus DVD with a complete performance from the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. The concert is not from the "Your Arsenal" tour, but was taken on 31.10.1991, as Mozzar still toured "Kill Uncle" in the United States. Although the "Your Arsenal" blockbusters are missing, the setlist of the gig is filled with first-rate numbers such as 'Everyday Is Like Sunday', 'Interesting Drug', 'Suedehead', 'Our Frank' or 'November Spawned A Monster'. This turbulent show is certainly much more interesting than the current live DVDs of MORRISSEY.
Those who have been longer interested in MORRISSEY now has to getthis re-release of "Your Arsenal" Whether a beginner or not: The 1992 album of the British the fan must just have. Also for people who own the original CD already, the second purchase as a CD / DVD combo or beautiful vinyl is no bad idea. The polished sound will make the fan's heart beat faster!

Architects - Lost Forever // Lost Together

This is what Architects should sound like! "Lost Forever / / Lost Together" beats in a similar vein as "Daybreaker" but sounds more coherent as a whole. After the jazzy "The Here And Now", the British again focus on a harder and more technical sound. No question about it, "Daybreaker" is a good album and it is still fun listening to it. The class of "Ruined" and "Hollow Crown" has not been achieved. The band has probably tried to find their own sound again and at the same time experimenting with new sounds. "Lost Forever / / Lost Together" has much more potential in this respect. The opening two numbers 'Grave Digger' and 'Naysayer' can satisfy the needs. This is where aggression, technology and smartness meet. ARCHITECTS manages to keep the listener interested during the entire 44 minutes. Although I have said at the time it also "Daybreak", this album really is the legitimate successor to the album "Hollow Crown". All features are available: dark mood, technical-sounding guitar runs, brilliant drumming and catchy numbers. Although it does not sound quite as catchy as 2009, but after two or three passes, the songs can be remembered.
It can be noticed that singer Sam Carter does not handle that much clean vocals anymore. They occur only sporadically, as in 'Grave Maker' or 'Broken Cross'. It is through this reduction that it always acts like a song highlight. Moreover, it is sometimes quite pleasant to listen to a metalcore disk that does not focus on pop tunes in each chorus.
Fans of ARCHITECTS will enjoy "Lost Forever / / Lost Together". For years the band has not sounded as compact and exciting. One can only hope that they finally get more attention and be promoted to a league with bands like August Burns Red.

Text © by Sebastian Berning / Heiko Eschenbach