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Location: Resonanzwerk, Oberhausen

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Comeback Kid, Xaliba, The Greenery und Malevolence

Comeback Kid, Xaliba, The Greenery und Malevolence

(28th March 2014) Comeback Kid's first two albums"Turn It Around" and "Wake The Dead" are classics in modern hardcore. The albums with Andrew Neufeld on vocals can all convince. With "The Knowing" finally the fifth album of the Canadians was released in early March after more than three years. In Oberhausen, not only the corresponding European tour will kick off, but also the Resonanzwerk celebrates its premiere as a new live venue in the Ruhr area.
As I enter the hall, I am amazed that quite a few people are on site. Formerly a concert of Comeback Kid guaranteed halls. Well, although the resonance work is slightly larger still a maximum of 100 people are frolicking in the location as the first band Malevolence gets going. Perhaps it is because of three support bands being rather unknown. Only three people stand before the stage in the front half of the hall and push the rest of the audience to the back. However, I do not really understand what the band wants to testify. Musically it varies between beatdown and metal. Often the songs seem to be more a series of parts. The performance of the newcomer can - or should - still be improved a lot. The guys seem rather lost and do not really know what to do with the people in front of themselves.
The Brits Greenary are a little better. The snotty and sometimes metallic sounding punk rock band attracts a few more people in the hall. The singer of the band spends most of the time in front instead of on the stage. The pit people have disappeared and so the mood in the auditorium is also much more relaxed. The Greenery play out routinely by their songs that fall somewhere between punk rock, Gallows and Black Sabbath. However, looks sound and performance are rather one-sided after more than a quarter of an hour and so it is no shame when the band leaves the stage after half an hour. Now it is time for Xibala who play beatdown of the most primitive and asocial species. The monotone bumping is no music at all and the few peaople flailing and kicking into the audience from the pit are an insult to the hardcore scene - if not for the entire human species. After two minutes, I have to go out in order not to to throw up.
COMEBACK KID prove how to play hardcore in 2014. The Canadians connect musicianship with energetic hardcore beads. Even at he start of the tour the band makes in extremely good impression, even if the stage is apparently a little too high for frontman Andrew Neufeld to fight for the mic with the fans. The oppressive 'The Knowing' opens the set as an ideal choice when you can do without an intro. There is no stopping the fans when directly afterwards 'False Idols Fall' from the classic "Wake The Dead" is played. From now on, the show takes more and more momentum. In particular, the numbers of the first three releases are received euphorically. But the four song off "The Knowing" ('The Knowing', 'Wasted Arrows', 'Should've Known Better' and 'Losing Sleep') are well received as well and already prove that the fans are fond of all lyrics. The "Turn It Around" tracks seem to be real crowd favorites and sound extremely convincing, such as the sing-alongs of 'All In A Year' and 'Give and Take'. It is a pity, however, that the band no longer plays 'The Tonight'. On the countless "Broadcasting ..." toursthe song was received very well. After 16 songs the obligatory 'Wake The Dead', followswhich pretty much draws everyone towards the stage. In a somewhat smaller or at least fuller hall the number would have been even better. But the COMEBACK KID appearance was more than a success anyway. We can look forward to the following still shows.

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