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Location: Weststadthalle, Essen

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Rebellion Tour 2013

Heavy Metal Reviews

(17th Mrz 2013) This is the fourth installment of the Rebellion tour across Europe. But never before the line-up of this tour has been that good. You get a legend like MADBALL, along with modern heroes as COMEBACK KID and TERROR. The kids get their breakdowns at YOUR DEMISE. With THE SETUP and AYS you get new stuff. Even though these bands are no newcomers at all, they aren‘t that well known.
The first band‘s set I watch is YOUR DEMISE. For sure, this is a real party for the younger fans. The British band is touring almost non-stop across Europe. They just released a new ep, called Cold Chillin‘. They start their set with its opener Karma. This is a real heavy-weight due to its groove. The whole setlist seems to be more heavy than before. There is not a single pop punk refrain or song taken from their most recent work The Golden Age. Off of that record YOUR DEMISE only play the hard songs, Born A Snake, Push Me Under, The Golden Age and Forget About Me, which is a little bit more melodic. Of course there are some tunes taken from The Kids We Used To Be, but there is no old stuff like Burnt Tongues, which may upset some fans. But the worst part about the show is that YOUR DEMISE are playing the songs slower than on record and it gets slower and slower every time you get to see the band. To be honest, two or three years ago their shows were much better.
I have seen TERROR serveral times, but they have never been as good as today. I didn‘t expect much at all, but during the first seconds of Hard Lessions they really get me. TERROR sound so damn tight and have brutal grooves. They deliver a great setlist which consists much of their old tough-guy-stuff and the more metal-influenced stuff of their last three records (including the forthcoming release Live By The Code). Vocalist Scott Vogel is running across the stage and he seems to enjoy what he is seeing in the pit. There is a huge moshpit right in front of the stage. It doesn‘t matter much if TERROR play Keep Your Mouth Shut and Lowest Of The Low or new stuff such as Keepers Of The Faith, Suffer To Return Harder or Live By The Code, their fans love all of their tunes.
Up next are Canada‘s finest, COMEBACK KID. Unfortunatly, there are not that much people inside the venue. So, during their first track Do Yourself A Favour, there are only about 50 people right in front of the stage. This doesn‘t bother Andrew Neufeld and his band at all. COMEBACK KID really push themselves during their set. With every minute passing there are more and more fans coming to the stage for some sing-alongs or stage dives. There was more action in front of the band during TERROR played their show, nevertheless COMEBACK KID have the better songs. Delivering a bunch of tracks from their first two outputs Turn It Around and Wake The Dead, as well as from their still recent record, 2010‘s Symptoms + Curses. There is only one song taken from Broadcasting..., which is kind of sad because this is a very good album. After 40 minutes and their epic tune Wake The Dead they leave the stage. Don‘t be sad, they are returning in April for a show in Cologne featuring Andrew Neufeld back on his spot at the guitar like in the old days. Neufeld gives way to Scott Wade, the vocalist of the first two records, for a special Turn It Around-anniversary tour.
MADBALL are a legend. There are only a few bands who are important as them for the development of hardcore music. Since the early 90‘s this band shapes the sound of a whole genre. Hands down, even their impact is huge, I was never into MADBALL. I prefer newer bands. Nevermind, they are putting on a good show. A good mix of classics such as Down By Law, Set It Off or songs taken from their most recent record Empire. People really like these tunes, so it‘s no surprise that there is a huge crowd in front of the stage.
For me COMEBACK KID was today‘s best band. Actually, there wasn‘t a bad show that I saw. Even though I don‘t like MADBALL that much or YOUR DEMISE are getting worse from show to show. The fourth round of Rebellion tour was a great one. Let‘s hope that the next tour will be as good as this time.

Text © by Sebastian Berning