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Location: Stahlwerk, Düsseldorf

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Parkway Drive with We Came As Romans, Memphis May Fire and Like Moths To Flames

Parkway Drive with We Came As Romans, Memphis May Fire and Like Moths To Flames

(14th Nov 2013) Vans Off The Wall Music Nights is just another rock tour sponsored by the shoe brand. The same time Vans‘ Warped Tour is coming to some European cities this fall, the Music Nights are taking place. PARKWAY DRIVE is a perfect headliner for metalcore-tours. But the support bands are far more interesting, because they haven‘t play everywhere in Europe for countless times.
I‘m excited to finally see LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES, but due to Duesseldorf‘s evening traffic and the bad parking lot situation of the venue I can only hear the band‘s last notes as I‘m still standing outside the Stahlwerk.
MEMPHIS MAY FIRE are up next on the quite big stage. The five-piece metalcore-outfit is becoming one of America‘s finest exports of this music. In their homecountry the band is a quite well known name. I‘m sure that the European crowd will follow. The group‘s performance is more than just solid and it‘s fun to what them play. The focus is surely on their most recent release “Challenger“, which was released last year. The audience seems to be very familiar with the band‘s songs, at least there is a huge pit as an evident. But I‘m not sure if the clean vocals are really live or just playback, because they sound way too perfect.
Next year‘s headlining band could be WE CAME AS ROMANS. This band gained a huge fanbase over the last two or three years. I remember them being the second band on 2010‘s Never Say Die tour. Nowadays it seems like most people are here because of them. Especially the young fans seem to love this band. I‘m reminded of the early 00‘s when nu metal was the biggest thing in rock and everyone was jumping at concerts. A similar pictures is given during WE CAME AS ROMANS‘ set, which draws heavily from tracks taken from their most recent release “Tracing Back Roots“. The vocal dynamics of Kyle Pavone and David Stephens are harmonized after all the band‘s touring around the world. The band‘s high-energy 40 minute performance is by far the best one of this evening.
This may be caused by the amount of PARKWAY DRIVE gigs I‘ve witnessed. Or it may be due to the fact, that the band plays only one song off their fantastic debut “Killing With A Smile“, which is ‘Romance Is Dead‘. It would be too good, if the band plays more tracks from that record. Instead the most part of the metalcore outfit‘s setlist are songs, that appeared on “Deep Blue“ and “Atlas“. And it seems like the band likes to focus on slower songs this time.
The performance is solid, but nothing they didn‘t do on any previous show before. Maybe the confetti which is shot during ‘Home Is For The Heartless‘ is a nice show effect, but I‘m not sure if this suits perfectly for a hardcore/metalcore band. It‘s more of a common effect of stadion rock acts like COLDPLAY or MUSE. I have seen far better shows by the band. What‘s also strange is, that they only play twelves songs - including the only encore song ‘Carrion‘. I hope that this isn‘t any downward trend. Back in 2007 the band did such great shows, but the ones I have seen in support of the band‘s last two records couldn‘t reach that standard.

Text © by Sebastian Berning