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Location: Posthalle, Würzburg

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The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem

(13th Aug 2013) Who has predicted the number one album "Handwritten" to be the big commercial breakthrough for The Gaslight Anhtem, will be disappointed: Würzburgs Posthalle music club is indeed filled presentable, but still has plenty of place for the present. The ca 1500, who have come to see a show that is typically American to the point and at least offers the smallest minimalism you can expect for 33 euros. Singer Brian Fallon is the most conspicuous actor in the New Jersey collective that live comes as a quinted when playing live. Even he taked himself a good half hour before changing a single word with the audience. There is that one can certainly see positive music on music and song to song, and at least those who are familiar with the song material, the band once again can say that the band has achieved a whole lot of hits. There is music on music and song to song, a fact that can be taken very positive, and at least those who are familiar with the song material of the band once again notice that the band has a lot og hits to offer. Gaslight songs above all win from the textual component, and that makes it more difficult for the unitiated part of the audience to find access to the songs, who might be a little bored from the apparent uniformity of the songs. The details in the guitar work are not always to be heard today, because the sound is still not uncomfortably loud, but close to the limit of dynamics of the concrete building.. When Brian presents the acoustic song “American Slang” to the audience all on his own or the band unceremoniously stripps down "Boxer" from the 2009 album "American Slang", there are also a few quiet moments. Otherwise the set is made up of punk-tinged indie rock which the audience, today consisting of many students, receives very well. That the band cut their biggest hit "The 59 Sound" from the set despite vociferous public demand, leads to a little resentment among some of those present, but that is intercepted by rapid insertion of the background music. After all, the band perfomance is knotless, and singer Brian has seen much worse days than today. Highlights: 45 and Here Comes My Man.
The Ghost Rockets, opening act from Schweinfurt, is the typical opening band that you engageif you have not found a high-caliber until shortly before the concert. The playing time is 45 minutes too long, and despite martial announcement of the new song it sounds just like the one before. Especially drummer and guitarist hardly have any variation in their game, amd the singer acts much too motivated. The local press views the band as the great local savour, however the music fan notes that the Ghost Rockets have still pretty much to learn - and that Frankonia is not necessarily the greatest talent wrought for rock musicians.

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