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Location: MTC, Cologne

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Real Friends, Modern Baseball and You Blew It!

Real Friends, Modern Baseball and You Blew It!

(18th May 2014) Pop Punk will never die. After mega-sellers such as BLINK-182, GOOD CHARLOTTE, NEW FOUND GLORY FALL OUT BOY or the scene is very active again. In recent years, it may be re-edged and violent than a few years ago. Also Emo bonds are welcome. REAL FRIENDS falls exactly into this scheme. The new EP "Put Yourself Back Together" was powerful kicking up dust and brought the U.S. pop-punkers a deal with the prestigious label Fearless Records, which in July will release the first proper album "Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing. But before they come over to Europe for the first time. They bring MODERN BASEBALL and YOU BLEW IT! that also have both made their debut in Europe.
YOU BLEW IT start the show just before 8:30 tin the small MTC right in Cologne's university district. The Americans do not seem to be really well-known among those present. Nevertheless, quite a lot of people are standing right in front of the stage and watch the half-hour show of the guys. Musically, there is polishied 90s Emo, which often reminds of MINERAL or SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE. Musically that is not really anything new, but the performance is good to watch.
Well-known and musically more exciting is MODERN BASEBALL, which has just released the second album "You're Gonna Miss It All". However, the foursome open the set with 'Re-Do', the opening track from the 2011 debut album "Sports." The majority of the audience does not seem to be all too familiar, since the new songs are received much better. People are dancing, the band enjoy singing with the audience and the left side is even actively busy with crowd surfing to 'Broken Cash Machine'. Once again the band presents itself very well on stage. It can be seen clearly that the quartet has fun playing music and also that people in Germany know their music and appreciate it. MODERN BASEBALL will surely be one of the most important bands of the current emo revival in the coming years and should therefore be kept in mind.
Despite the good spirits at MODERN BASEBALL, REAL FRIENDS are the headliner of the evening. This can be seen after the first few bars of the opening track 'Floorboards' as a small pit forms in front of the stage and the kids grab for the microphone for sing-alongs. Amazing that this band is so popular with the fans in such a short time. In Germany itself, the very successful guys from THE WONDER YEARS play in front of not much more people than REAL FRIENDS today. More than 100 people are standing right in front of the small stage and a further 40, 50 people are scattered throughout the rest of the room.
REAL FRIENDS present a good mix of the EPs "Put Yourself Back Together", "Everyone That Dragged You Here" and "Three Songs About The Past Year Of My Life". The fans are pretty text safe and sing the heartache-ladden texts loudly back to the stage. The quintet is visibly pleased with the great response from the audience on their very first show in Germany. Between songs, they tell the audience what they have experienced so far in Cologne and how amazed they were at the openness of Europeans. Again one can attest sympathy to a band today.
After a good 35 minutes, the band wants to say goodbye, but the public demands an encore. After a brief explanation they start again with another song. At the end they play Slayer's 'Raining Blood' and sound unexpectedly heavy. That came over unexpected, but pretty cool. Just like MODERN BASEBALL one should also keep REAL FRIENDS in mind when the debut album will be released in July. The boys could then quite take off.

Text © by Sebastian Berning / Heiko Eschenbach