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Kids In Glass Houses with Canterbury

Kids In Glass Houses with Canterbury

(1st November 2013) KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES just released their forth record “Peace“. Once again this record totally differes from the previous releases. The band‘s debut “Smart Casual“ was heavily influenced by LOSTPROPHETS arena-rock of “Liberation Transmission“. 2010‘s “Dirt“ showed a more pop punk influenced version of the band. The follow-up “In Gold Blood“ showcased KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES in a mature way, but still with pop-fueled hooklines. “Peace“ is a record more in the vain of “Dirt“: powerful pop/rock songs for teenage girls.
I have seen KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES perform only once. Back in 2008 as they did the support show for one of the world‘s most crappy bands, SIMPLE PLAN. So I‘m excited to see how this band has developed during the last five years. But before CANTERBURY are taking the stage. The British fourpiece‘s music could be described as a mix of the easy pop hooklines of THE KOOKS and the musical approach of BLOC PARTY. Even though their singer Mike Sparks always talks about “englisch rock‘n‘roll“ the group‘s performance is rock solid. They seem to connect to the audience and make sure that everyone‘s having a good time. Their performance improved since the last time I saw them supporting YOU ME AT SIX december 2011 only a block around the corner in the Luxor. Without any intro headlining act KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES enters the small stage of the small venue MTC. There are of course not as many people attending like five years ago, but these 150 kids or so are really into this Welsh band. It only takes a few seconds of the bands opener, the extra-catchy ‘Peace‘, and the group‘s fans are jumping up and down all the time. It gets even wilder when old tunes are played. ‘Artbreaker I‘ and ‘The Best Is Yet To Come‘ sound great live. The band manages to sound a bit more edgy during their live performance. It‘s kind of common, that all these new British bands like YOU ME AT SIX, YOUNG GUNS, DEAF HAVANA or KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES do great records, but do even better live. The setlist of the band is really good. There are a lot of songs taken from “Peace“, “Dirt“ and “Smart Casual“ like the before mentioned ‘The Best Is Yet To Come‘, ‘Easy Tiger‘, ‘Black Cloud, ‘Drive‘, ‘Saturday‘, ‘Lily Rose‘ or ‘Fisticuffs‘, which makes the crowd go mental. There is even such a jump-game like in the middle section of SLIPKNOT‘s ‘Spit It Out‘-performances. But it‘s kind of sad that ‘Animals‘ remains the only “In Gold Blood“-song of the evening. Actually, this record is far better than many people tend to think.
After a little bit more than an hour of a real good live show KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES are saying goodbye and promise to come back sooner than later. And I‘m sure I won‘t wait another five years to catch one of this band‘s performances.

Text © by Sebastian Berning