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Location: Warsteiner Hockey Park

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Mötley Crüe

Heavy Metal Reviews

(11th Juni 2012) MÖTLEY CRÜE in Europe! Last year they have only visited the UK along with DEF LEPPARD. This summer the CRÜE is back and they play big venues and little stadiums. Today they play at the Warsteiner Hockey Park in Mönchengladbach. The venue is far from being sold out. Nevermind, more than 7000 people attend to the concert. Instead of DEF LEPPARD Vince Neil and co take former GUNS N‘ ROSES guitar hero SLASH and his new band as well as shooting stars BLACK VEIL BRIDES on the road with them. On my ticket it says the concert starts at 19.30 on others it says 7 o‘clock. In reallity the BLACK VEIL BRIDES start around 18.20! There are only about 2000 people in the stadium and most seem to be unfamiliar with Andy Biersack and his band. The band does not mind and kicks in with New Religion. Only a few attendies seem to know the words to the songs, though the band tries to convince those who don‘t. With their glam metal meets gothic outfit and their music somewhere between glam metal, post-hardcore and some decent goth-vibes they are a good fitting support act for MÖTLEY CRÜE - and in the same moment they aren‘t. Their sound is too modern for most of the audience. They get time for only six songs and end with their anthem Fallen Angels after less than half an hour.

with Slash and Black Veil Brides

At seven o‘clock SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS, which is the exact name of SLASH‘s new group, hit the stage. And now it‘s going to be boring as hell. You see a bunch of dudes on a stage, playing instruments. That‘s it basically. Singer Myles Kennedy is walking from stage left to stage right, that‘s it. Slash plays guitar. That‘s it. The rest of the band is anonymous in the background. The best part of the band‘s one hour show are the GUNS N‘ ROSES songs, and those sounded better three days earlier as Axl Rose and his incarnation of GUNS N‘ ROSES played these tunes. But then it‘s show time for MÖTLEY CRÜE. This is going to be rock‘n‘roll at its finest. But why did they choose a dubstep intro? Nevermind, the first few notes of Wildside are what people want: pure rock‘n‘roll! Now it is an easy game for Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars. They play a best-of show including most of the band‘s hits such as Looks That Kill, Shout At The Devil, Dr. Feelgood, Girls Girls Girls, Saints Of Los Angeles, or Too Fast For Love. With such sweet songs it‘s no big deal to win the crowd over. And it‘s not MÖTLEY CRÜE if there are no dancers on stage. So two dancers/background singers are on stage for some songs. The band is in a great shape and good mood. It‘s easy to see that the four men have a great time on stage. It‘s been a long while since they last played in Germany and even longer since they played as a headliner. The only „chink“ is Tommy Lee‘s drum solo somehow. It‘s entertaining as hell, but he plays like he just learned how to hit the drums. His drumkit stands on a rollarcoaster looping so he plays along to a dubstep track (again...) and his drumkit moves from side to side until he finally fulfills the looping. MÖTLEY CRÜE deliver a great show during the whole set, which is about 90 minutes. After a furious double of Home Sweet Home and Kickstart My Heart they leave the stage, without an encore, but with a lot of smiling faces in front of them. This was propably the most rock‘n‘roll show I ever attended to.

Text © by Sebastian Berning