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Skid Row with Ugly Kid Joe
Location: Matrix, Bochum

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Skid Row with Ugly Kid Joe

Skid Row with Ugly Kid Joe

(9. November 2013) It took ten years for glam metal/sleaze kings SKID ROW to return to Europe. After releasing the first of three parts of the band‘s ep series “United World Rebellion“ the band finally manages it to come back to their European fans. Along with them they brought co-headliners UGLY KID JOE, which had a huge hit with their cover of ‘Cats In The Cradle‘ back in 1992. It‘s really no suprise that Bochum‘s Matrix is almost sold-out with this highclass package. Their show the following day in Cologne is surely close to selling out, too. With only one date in NRW the band could‘ve played a bigger venue such as Cologne‘s E-Werk - just for the sake of playing a big venue.
I confess that I enter the venue too late for DEAD CITY RUINS‘ gig. So UGLY KID JOE is the first band I catch this night. To be honest: I don‘t know any song by this band except of ‘Cats In The Cradle‘. I‘m kind of suprised that this band sounds quite heavy while mixing hard rock, metal, funk and blues. It sounds like a more serious version of EXTREME, which is one of the worst rockbands the 80‘s ever created. It seems like there are many people familiar with the band‘s songs, but it‘s of course ‘Cats In The Cradle‘ that raises the fans‘ voices. The following songs are good as well, but it‘s this track that catches everybody‘s attention during the hour-long set of the short time period rockstars, whose debut “America‘s Least Wanted“ gained double-platinium certification.
After a quite long break the venue‘s lights go out and THE RAMONES‘ iconic track ‘Blitzkrieg Bob‘ rours through the speakers. SKID ROW open their set with their new tune ‘Let‘s Go‘. Even though it‘s not really a bad one, people want to hear the band‘s old stuff, mainly songs taken from their 89‘s self-titled debut and 91‘s chart-topping “Slave To The Grind“. With the following songs this wish will be fullfilled. ‘Big Guns‘, ‘Piece of Me‘, ‘Little Sister‘ and the band‘s 89 mega-hitsingle ’18 and Life‘ are following up next.
Even though singer Johnny Solinger is part of the band for a longer period than ex-vocalist Sebastian Bach was, he will always remain the ‘new guy‘ for fans. Though, he does a great job and sings the old tunes quite well. You have to remember that even Bach himself doesn‘t sound like Bach did back in 1989.
I expected a track taken from “Subhuman Race“ due to Solingers statement, the band would play some surprises. In fact this surprise turns out to be ‘Thick As The Skin‘ from the bands unloved “ThickSkin“ record. The group‘s cover of ‘Psycho Therapy‘ by THE RAMONES is also something I didn‘t need. Instead SKID ROW should‘ve played more classics like the missing ‘Wasted Time‘, ‘Riot Act‘ or ‘Quicksand Jesus‘. Nevermind, the bands performance is solid rock and excites people. Especially the encore, which consists of ‘Slave To The Grind‘ and ‘Youth Gone Wild‘ encourages people to get wild. After the last chords of ‘Yout Gone Wild‘ fade out, the band says goodbye to their fans with a promise to return rather sooner than later.

Text © by Sebastian Berning