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Behemoth with Cradle of Filth,
In Solitude and Inquisition
Location: Matrix, Bochum

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Behemoth with Cradle of Filth, In Solitude and Inquisition

Behemoth mit Cradle of Filth, In Solitude und Inquisition

(15. Feb 2014) “The Satanist“, BEHEMOTH‘s recent record, is one hell of a great death/black metal record. People from all over the world are fascinated by the band‘s sound. It seems like these Polish guys are the biggest band in the brutal metal scene. It‘s no surprise that their shows on this tour are sold out or at least closed to being sold out. British black metal band CRADLE OF FILTH is taking part as a co-headliner. So, this line-up promises to be some fun.
First band I get to see are INQUISITION from Columbia. The duo plays black metal by the book. Blastbeats everywhere, fast, hornet-like guitars, corpse-paint. All you want to see in a black metal band is presented in this show. Even though this is quite true black metal, the band is quite enjoyable. Especially the effect on the singer‘s voice is great. He sounds like a frog! After 25 minutes you‘ve heard enough og INQUISITION if you‘re not a die-hard-fan of this music. The last ten minutes are more than enough for normal people, even though the band did a good job.
IN SOLITUDE are the least typical band of the line-up. This band plays retro-heavy metal and sounds like old MERCYFUL FATE with a normal singer and not the high pitched vocals of KING DIAMOND. The band‘s show is solid, but not very spectacular. Only the bass player seems to know what a performance could look like and moves far more than his bandmates. Nevermind, IN SOLITUDE manage to entertain the audience for the whole 40 minutes of their set. Especially, the new songs, taken from their third record “Sister“, can excite the fans.
England‘s most known melodic black metal band CRADLE OF FILTH was one of the first really heavy bands I listened to when I got into metal, but I have never seem them live. So, I‘m kind of excited for the British metalheads. And they won‘t fail my expectations!
The band around singer Dani Filth might have seen better days in a commercial way, but they are still on top of their game. As the first song, ‘Cthulu Dawn‘, kicks in, the crowd is going wild. Headbanging and horns fill the air as the group runs down their hit-filled setlist. It seems like CRADLE OF FILTH focus on their old material. There are four songs taken from the band‘s classic debut “The Principle of Evil Made Flesh“ and other great tunes taken from records such as “Dusk... And Her Embrace“, “Cruetly And The Beast“ or “Midian“.
The British metal band knows how to tease the audience. The setlist is great, the band‘s performance as well and even most of the crowd seems to enjoy Dani Filth and co, which surprises me due to the quite heavy line-up. Up next is Polish death metal act BEHEMOTH. The Matrix goes dark and you can only see fire glowing from the left stage entrance. Then singer Nergal enters the stage and sets two candles on fire. Then the band starts with ‘Blow Your Trumphets Gabriel‘. The band knows how to put up a great show. There is smoke, fire and a great light show apart from the music to enterain the 700 metalheads in front of the stage. The great thing about the smoke fountains is, that it rolls back to the crowd due to the low roof of the venue. The band‘s setlist draws heavily from “The Satanist“, but it also includes classics such as ‘As Above, So Below‘ or ‘Christians To The Lions‘. There could have been one or two more tracks taken from BEHEMOTH‘s previous record “Evangelion“, but the show is great anyway! I can‘t recall a better brutal metal show than this one. BEHEMOTH is on top of their game and on top the scene. Hopefully they‘ll stay there for a few more years. But shows like this should make it happen.

Text © by Sebastian Berning