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Location: Luxor, Cologne

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Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach

(30th Jun 2014) In February I had the opportunity to see Skid Row live in concert. Even though the band did extremely well, singer Johnny Solinger could not quite live up to its predecessor's charisma und quality. Just that SEBASTIAN BACH is now to be admired in thesmall Luxor in the Colgne's south. The fan only must decide whether to see BACH or rather the championship game of the Germans against Algeria, as both dates are on the same evening.
Although the concert was to begin only by eight clock, I already enter the hall at 8.15 during the break. At exactly 8.30 then SEBASTIAN BACH enters the stage with his band. After all, more than 150 people fill the front half of the Luxor. Certainly the ex-SKID ROW singer has expected more people to come, but contrary to my expectations, that he would behave like a diva or would not be willing to play the show, the singer turned out to be much more sympathetic than assumed. He is very close to the audience during the full 80 minutes of the show and in a good mood. Between songs he talks about the fact that his ancestors come from Baden-Württemberg and also hat full long hair. Bachs human side could already convince me.
But musically the singer is also in a very good shape. Sure, BACH does not sound as good (or rather "fresh"?) as in 1989 and also needs the opener 'Slave To The Grind' to really get into singing, but then everything works out and it sounds very good. Of course, with such a strong opening number, the audience should be immediately on the artist's side, but people only really awake during the subsequent 'Temptation' off SEBASTIAN BACH's current third solo album. Although I do not like the album as much as its predecessors,"Angel Down" and "Kicking And Screaming", the songs seem to be much better live than on ecord. Maybe because they come across live much dirtier and are unlike the alternative rock-influenced sound of the studio version. Unfortunately only one song off "Kicking And Screaming" is played in the form of 'Tunnel Vision'. Also, "Angel Down" is only represented with 'American Metalhead', which is now renamed 'German Metalhead' and ends in a ACCEPT-like singalong of 'Balls To The Wall".
But of course, one looks forward particularly to SKID ROW material. I am a bit surprised by the addition of the "Slave To The Grind 'song "The Threat", as this really is not an indispensable classic. I personally would have liked to hear Wasted Time' or a song of "Subhuman Race". But you can not have everything. Especially since there is nothing else to grumble at the song selection of SKID ROW classics. Everything you can expect is played. Whether 'Monkey Business',' Big Guns', '18 And Life 'or one of the greatest ballads in the history of music,' I Remember You '. 'Youth Gone Wild' then befitting finishes the very strong show of SEBASTIAN BACH.
And who wanted to watch football then still had a few minutes left before kick-off.

Text © by Sebastian Berning