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Location: Underground, Köln

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Heavy Metal Reviews

(16th Juli 2012) LOSTPROPHETS are back for three German dates this summer. This is quite unusual for the band. Normally they only tour every two years and this is their second time within three months that they show up. Just like on their „Hot Weapons“-Tour earlier this year, in support of their recent record „Weapons“, they start with the album‘s opener Bring ‘Em Down. Just like before - as well- the first verse is playback before the band kicks in during the refrain. The FZW gives them much applause and sings every word from the top of the lungs. Even though the March show in Cologne was sold out, this time there are only about 500 people in the biggest hall of the venue. Actually the band did not change that much to their previous tour. We Still Kill The Old Way is kind of refreshing, though. The band plays a solid mix of all their five studio efforts. Although it‘s weird that they only play two songs which appear on „Weapons“, Bring ‘Em Down and their most recent single We Bring An Arsenal. But, who cares? Other tunes, such as Where We Belong, Last Summer, Last Train Home, Everyday Combat, A Town Called Hypocrisy, It‘s Not The End Of The World (But I Can See It From Here) or Wake Up (Make A Move) are good enough to keep the audience‘s fun-level high. The band itself is in a very good mood today. Even singer Ian Watkins‘ mood is lightened up if you compare today‘s show with their Cologne gig in March 2012.

Cologne gig in March 2012

They talk a lot on stage, make jokes and are having a good time, which makes the crowd smile as well. This time their set is 15 minutes shorter and they say goodbye after a brutal version, including a massive breakdown, of Shinobi Vs. Dragon Ninja and their breakthrough hit single Burn Burn. Even though they shortened their setlist, it was one hell of a good show LOSTPROPHETS have put up today.

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