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Location: Live Music Hall, Cologne

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Jimmy Eat World with Rival Schools

Jimmy Eat World with Rival Schools

(13th Nov 2013) When I first saw Jimmy Eat World live in 2008, the performance was among the best I've seen in that year at Rock am Ring. While the then-current album "Chase This Light" already was a bit of a letdown, the class of the songs off "Clarity", "Bleed American" and "futures" was so good that it lifted up the whole concert. I had no desire to see the band again afterwards, because I was pretty disappointed by the last album "Invented". I was even more surprised and I still am as "Damage" was indeed no mere return to old Emo feats, yet again took up much of the old spirit. This time I could not miss JIMMY EAT WORLD.
For now, however, you have to enjoy or endure RIVAL SCHOOLS. There is no other choice between these extremes. Similar to JIMMY EAT WORLD they could win in the wake of 90s Emo bands like SAVES THE DAY , SAY ANYTHING , WEEZER and co when debuting in 2001's with “United By Fate" . I have never been a huge fan of the group. Bulky indie rock with roots in emo and post-hardcore is offered , which raises some enthusiasm in the front third of the nearly sold-out hall Live Music Hall . The performance of RIVAL SCHOOLS is less than spectacular : Four musicians on stage and play their instruments. And 45 minutes. It is therefore no surprise to me that, in the courtyard of the venue more than just a few noses stand waiting for better things to happen.
How you can still score with an otherwise rather unspectacular performance as well, JIMMY EAT WORLD prove aftwerwaeds. Without any intro or other effects the bandplus a live keyboardist) enters the stage and introduces himself short. The opener 'I Will Steal You Back' was blwon up due to technical problems. The band starts the song all over again after a brief change of guitars. The way singer / guitarist Jim Adkins handles the break with some wisecracking, is likeable.
Without much talk or stage acting the bandt performs the following songs. With newer numbers like 'Big Casino' and 'My Best Theory' (the only really good song from said "Invented") the mood is all right, but it is particularly the firecrackers from "Clarity" and "Bleed American", which enable the audience to move. This is the first time they jump and sing along loudly, while the numbers of the last three albums are "only" received more than benevolent. During the live performance of the "Damage" songs it can be seen once again that JIMMY EAT WORLD have created a damn strong album that all too easily outshadows its predecessors. Yet the fan wants to hear anthems like 'Lucky Denver Mint', 'Your New Aesthtic', 'Get It Faster', 'The Sweetness', 'Pain', 'blister' or 'futures'. Great joy is also spread by the ballad 'Hear You Me'. However, the song seems rather boring to me. Since the piano from the studio version is missing, which significantly enhances the song's second half, the number fails to impress me.
After the double 'The Sweetness' and 'Bleed American' the band taked leave of their fans in Cologne. The audience is not getting any younger and even now already the average age is more above 25 than below it. The encore consists of 'Chase This Light', the beautiful power ballad' 23 from "Futures" and of course' The Middle ', the song that established the Emo sound even in Europe. After 23 songs and 95 minutes into the game JIMMY EAT WORLD then finally say goodbye to the fans. You could not have wished much more of that performace - just great!

Text © by Sebastian Berning / Heiko Eschenbach