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Hundredth with Being As An Ocean
and Counterparts
Location: Kulturtempel, Oberhausen

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Hundredth with Being As An Ocean and Counterparts

Hundredth with Being As An Ocean and Counterparts

(28. Feb 2014) US-metalcore outfit HUNDREDETH is having a little hype at the moment. Over the last past two years this band came out of nowhere and kids got into them from the very first second. Their second record “Let Go“ was a perfect blend of metalcore and dark, yet melodic hardcore. It‘s no surprise that their show in Oberhausen is sold out a few days ahead of the concert.

Unforunatly, I miss most of the set of British metalcore newcomers POLAR.(with punctation mark“). But I see looks like people are having fun. What surprises me most, is the fact that the crowd is familiar with the band and the lyrics as well.

So, the first band I watch from the very start is COUNTERPARTS from Canada. I saw the band last year as a support act for AUGUST BURNS RED and it was quite boring. But, today‘s show is far from that one last autumn! There is a lot of action on stage and even more in front of it. People are moshing and singing along. The band itself seems to enjoy the show as well. This band I definitly good and it must have been due to bad circumstances like the wrong audience and a border in front of the stage, that COUNTERPARTS‘ last show as a support was such a waste of time.

Up next is BEING AS AN OCEAN. I never really liked the band before. Their blend of metalcore/hardcore with long post-rockish parts, that should add some atmosphere isn‘t my cup of tea. I really don‘t get, why people are hyping this band as much as they do. Today‘s show won‘t change my mind. But I have to admit, that the band‘s faster parts are okay, but then there are these long semi-sentimental parts and I get bored as hell. The group‘s singer is strange as well, because he circles around with one hand on his back. Looks kind of strange in comparison to what every other singer in this scene does on stage.

HUNDREDTH does a far better job! After a long spoken-word intro the band kicks in with ‘Weathered Town‘. The audience gets wild from the very start. The metalcore crew delivers a rock solid performance. It draws heavily from “Let Go“ and the most recent release, “Resist“ ep. Their fans seem to know every word, for HUNDREDTH‘s vocalist can rely on his adoring fans to sing the lines for him.
After half an hour the band leaves the stage, but they return shortly afterwards for a two song strong encore. The first one is a cover of NINE INCH NAILS‘ classic tune ‘Hurt‘, which sets a highlight to the great set of the metalcore band.

The whole show was quite good. But the bands‘ sets were rather short. At least HUNDREDTH could have played one or two songs more to get at least a stage time of 45 minutes. Nevermind, COUNTERPARTS and HUNDREDETH delivered great sets today!

Text © by Sebastian Berning