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Location: Die Kantine, Cologne

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You Me At Six with Deaf Havana

You Me At Six with Deaf Havana

(20th March 2014) After peeking at number one in the UK Album Charts with the band's fourth record "Cavalier Youth", British rockers YOU ME AT SIX return to the European mainland for an almost completly sold-out string of shows. After playing two years in the far smaller Luxor in Cologne, this time the band managed it to sell out this twice as big venue. About 800 fans, mostly underage girls, are wating in front of the venue even serveral hours before the show starts.
Fellow British alternative rockers DEAF HAVANA are supporting their peirs. Even though the show starts fifteen minutes earlier than announced, the Kantine is packed with fans. The six-piece seems to be familiar to many kids in the first half of the venue. DEAF HAVANA kicks in with 'Boston Sqaure', taken from the band's new record "Old Souls". I'm surprised that the band is known to so many people, who are singing along and jumping up and down. The Brits' emotional, but never too hard rock is exactly what these fans want to hear. Nice and poppy sing-along tunes, that won't hurt anybody. I have seen DEAF HAVANA support YOU ME AT SIX at the band's show in London's Wembley Arena, and that show has been far better than what DEAF HAVANA deliver today.
Finally, after a quite long break YOU ME AT SIX enter the stage without any kind of intro. 'Too Young To Feel This Old', the opener of the band's chart-topping effort "Cavalier Youth", is a good way to start the show. The group's new more rock-orientated sound gets a lot more edge when performed live. Due to that shift in style people won't hear any old tracks taken from the group's debut record "Take Off Your Colours" or the two following singles 'Finders Keepers' or 'Kiss And Tell'. Even from the follow-up "Hold Me Down" the leadsingle 'Underdog' is the only more pop punk orientated song. The other "Hold Me Down"-tunes are the more melodic tracks 'Stay With Me' and 'Liquid Confidence'. YOU ME AT SIX's setlist is focused on the last two releases, "Sinners Never Sleep" and mentioned "Cavalier Youth".
Nevertheless, the band delivers a great show. It's very easy to see that the boys around singer Josh Francesi are having a real good time on stage tonight. Even though the guitar players are headbanging like they were part of a heavier band, both seem to have fun as well. On top of the band's great show, it's bassist Matt's 25th birthday and crew members present him a birthday-cake and champagne.
After a set, which was filled with hits, YOU ME AT SIX leave the stage after playing 'Wild Ones'. But they reappear only a few moments later. Ironically the only pop punk song of the set it 'Reckless', taken from the band's first more rock-orientated release "Sinners Never Sleep". It is followed by the Brits' heaviest song, 'Bite My Tongue', and their most successful single 'Lived A Lie', which closes the almost 70 minute long set.

Text © by Sebastian Berning