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Location: Platz der Republik, Mönchengladbach

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Horst Festival 2013

Horst Festival 2013

(2nd Aug 2013) Mönchengladbach‘s Horst Festival is one of the best known festival‘s in the area around. Five years ago it startet as a festival with free entry, but by now it can afford to take some money of its visitors. You pay 10 euros for a day-ticket (friday or saturday) or 16 euros for a two-day-ticket, the festival‘s sunday is free for everybody. This year‘s friday is quite interessting with its hardcore/metalcore-outfits.

Friday‘s first band on the second stage should have been Berlin‘s FINAL PRAYER, but due to problems with the band‘s van they won‘t make it to Mönchengladbach. There is no replacement for the hardcore outfit, so today‘s first band on stage is French metalcore crew BETRAYING THE MARTYRS. Their sound is part of the heavy side of metalcore including a lot of deathcore influences but also clean vocals. The Christian six-piece‘s performance is full of energy and movement. Especially the group‘s shouter Aaron Matts is the center of attention and knows how to gain the audience‘s interest and also involvement. The band‘s set is by far today‘s best one! The only „bad“ thing about the band‘s show are the violent-dancing kids in front of the stage. About 15 guys are jumping around like they‘re part of a Bruce Lee movie. I really thought that this thing is over...

BORN FROM PAIN is up next on stage. The German hardcore/metalcore outfit is well known among fans of metallic hardcore. Since the band started to incorporate more metallic riffs they became more popular. So it‘s really no surprise to see a few more people right in front of the stage. Even thogh the music is quite good, the group‘s performance has a huge lack of energy. The musicans stand still playing their instruments almost the whole show through. To my surprise this doesn‘t affect the crowd, which is singing along and doing quite well in the moshpit.

Today‘s headliner is Berlin‘s finest WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH. Ever since the release of their debut record back in 2007 the band‘s popularity never stopped to rise. Their blend of jazz, metal, deathcore and ambient stuff is popular all over Europe. Even though they lost some fans due to their departure from their early material‘s deathcore sound, but I‘m pretty sure they gained many fans in the following years. I must admit that I know all the band‘s records, but still have difficulties to recognize particular songs. There are no real melodies or refrains you could hold on to. The band‘s fans seem to be much more dedicated, I even see people singing along. There are about 350, 400 people in front of the festival‘s second stage and there is some serious mosh-action in the crowd‘s front. You can tell by the musican‘s faces that it takes a lot of sweat and energy to perform complex tunes like Crooks At The Door, Hey... Let‘s Start A Band or all the other tracks. Still it‘s kind of a big surprise that WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH leave stage 20 minutes early. After 40 minutes there isn‘t even an encore.

This isn‘t the Horst festival‘s fault, so I have nothing to complain about. The sound of all three bands were really good and the festival‘s organisation was quite good as well. People should see forward to 2014‘s edition!

Text © by Sebastian Berning