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Location: Warsteiner Hockey Park

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Guns N’ Roses

Heavy Metal Reviews

(8th Jun 2012) It‘s been six years since GUNS N‘ ROSES played their last show in Germany. They were the Late Night Special at Germany‘s festival Rock am Ring. Last year they‘ve toured Europe as well but did not play a single show in good ol‘ Germany. So there was a lot of excitment as the band‘s exclusive show in Mönchengladbach was announced. This is the only chance to see the band this year in Germany. But how will it be like? It‘s not the GUNS N‘ ROSES who jammed classics like „Appetite For Destruction“ or the two parts of „Use Your Illusion“. These are the new GUNS N‘ ROSES who recorded „Chinese Democrazy“, an album which splitted the band‘s fans into two parts, those who like and those who don‘t. So what will GUNS N‘ ROSES be like in 2012? Either it will rock and be a great show or people will be dissapointed because they‘re missing Slash and the other folks who were part of the most classic line-up of the rock heroes. But soon everyone who attended will answer this question himself. Though, RIVAL SONS are opening tonight‘s show. The four-some plays classic rock in the vain of DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN and (old) WHITESNAKE. Obviously this isn‘t very similar to the mainact‘s sleazy hard rock sound. The Warsteiner Hockey Park is almost sold out and most of the ticket holders already attend to the support group‘s show. Most people do not know the band, obviously. Only the group‘s straight 4/4 rockers can attract some reaction by the crowd, the more blues orientated songs are far too old-fashioned. But what‘s worse: there‘s nothing special about the songs - and about the performance. The musicians don‘t move, the singer has a quite good voice but fails to attract the audience. How long do people have to wait for mister Axl Rose and his new version of GUNS N‘ ROSES? In the UK it normally took up to three hours for the band to enter the stage. But today he‘s polite and his fans wait ,only‘ one hour. Then the intro, MASSIVE ATTACK‘s Split The Atom, rours through the speakers and the band starts with Chinese Democrazy. As Axl appears on stage the crowd gets wild, but it‘s getting even wilder during the first notes of the following Welcome To The Jungle. Axl is in a great shape. His voice sounds strong and clean, even though he still isn‘t the best vocalist around, and he moves the whole time across the stage. Even though he doesn‘t dance as good as in the musice video shot for Welcome To The Jungle his performance is very strong during the whole show which will last more than 160 minutes. This may be caused by his short breaks during and in between songs, where he leaves the stage for some oxygen. The whole band is very good and the whole eight-piece knows how to deal with such big audiences. Obviously it‘s not a big deal if you‘ve got songs like It‘s So Easy, Live And Let Die, Civil War, Estranged, Mr. Brownstone, Sweet Child O‘ Mine, You Could Be Mine, Rockett Queen or the epic November Rain.

with Rival Sons

At the beginning of the latest it even starts to rain, which fits perfectly to the song. The last part, the dramatic solo, is one of the best concert moments people will attend to this year! Even the „Chinese Democrazy“ songs fit perfectly into tonight‘s setlist. This I Love is by far the best track of the new ones. Street Of Dreams and Sheckler‘s Revenge do not need to hide, either. The one chink of the whole concert are the solo songs of bassist Tommy Stinson and especially Bumblefoot‘s track. Both front their own songs, which are very much punk rock. Stinson‘s track is the better of two evils because of a cool proto-punk-vibe a lá THE CLASH. Bumblefoot‘s song is a total wreck and sounds like a mix of THE CURE‘s The End Of A World meets DEAD KENNEDYS. The solos by keyboarder Dizzy Reed and Axl‘s new Slash, DJ Ashba abre both really good and enjoyable. After a great performance of Nighttrain GUNS N‘ ROSES leave the stage. But they return for an encore. Usually they play Madagaskar, Patience and - of course - Paradise City. Mönchengladbach only gets Paradise City, and that‘s alright. GUNS N‘ ROSES played one hell of a show, which left nobody dissapoined. This should rule out every one who‘s saying, that the new GUNS N ROSES are only a coverband fronted by Axl Rose.

Text © by Sebastian Berning