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Location: Essigfabrik, Cologne

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Architects, Stray From The Path, Northlane und More Than Life

Architects, Stray From The Path, Northlane und More Than Life

(April 15 2014) After all Architect's sixth album was their breakthrough. High chart positions, outstanding reviews and sold out shows are the result of "Lost Forever / / Lost Together". The technical metalcore group has never delighted as many people as lately - not even during the "Hollow Crown" era. Thus, the good 1200 tickets for the Cologne Essigfabrik are all but sold. On the day of the show Architects reveal that there will be only 16 tickets left for sale.
When MORE THAN LIFE take the stage the venue is almost completely filled. There is only a bit of space left on the rear. One day before the show the band finally released their second album of darkly melodic hardcore entitled "What's Left Of Me". So MORE THAN LIFE do not really fit into the package, since the other bands play a more breakdown-leaden style. Nevertheless, one or the other fan seems to be in front of the stage. It is apparent especially with the songs of the debut EP 'Brave Enough To Fail ", which is by the way very well represented in the setlist, as proven by today's opener "Faceless Name". The new material such as 'Weight of The World' and the JOY DIVISION-Post-Punk/Alternative rock anthem 'Do You Remember?'are good. There is not really much happening on stage, although the show is a success with the applause getting louder during the gig. A pretty fast played 'Love Let Me Go' ends the set of MORE THAN LIFE after little more than 25 minutes.
Next is Nothlane. I am amazed at how many fans the Australians have. The front row third mutates into a bouncy castle, while the band differs between brutal breakdowns and a lot of technical aibilities celebrated. Although the songs are often reminding of math lessons in the faster passages atmospherically they sound like the Deftones in a calmer tone, the young audience seems to have a lot of fun with the performance. Especially singer Adrian Fitipaldes convinces not only by its roaring (and a few more melodic vocal lines), but also with his pleasant manner between songs. Seven songs are played, which can be found exclusively on the current album "Singularity". Among these particularly 'Windbreaker' and 'World Eater' stand out. It would not surprise me if the Australians will soon appear as a headliner themselves.
STRAY FROM THE PATH are even better received. The band does not fit my taste however. They play a slightly harder form of Nu Metal with some breakdowns. Previously the band would have gained just as much attention as Downthesun, nowadays they are direct support for the headliner. It must be noted though that the band os playing on a very high energetic level. I will still not become a fan of theirs. Also the DEEZ NUTS Cover 'Stay True', during which even DEEZ NUTS singer JJ Peters enters the stage, was absolutely no necessity.
ARCHITECTS proove how to do better after half an hour (!) of break. 'Grave Digger' opens the set of the Brits. From the first second on the floor all the way to the mixer is a boiling pot. This seems to please Sam Carter and his musicians, so he calls the audience to sing along not only once. I have seen ARCHITECTS perform live a few times since 2008 and the crowd has never been so much in motion. Not even during the band's "Hollow Crown" era. Now they have managed it, albeit with a delay.
The songs offered are a good mix of the last two albums, as well as three "Hollow Crown" numbers and "Day In, Day Out 'of" The Here And Now ". Unfortunately, no song is played off "Ruin" because the band does not like the album. However, I also think that most of those present are not familiar with the Architect's second album, as a majority of the audience was maybe 10 years old in 2007. The band's new songs are most euphorically received by the fans. 'CANCER', 'Naysayer' or 'Colony Collapse' will develop to ultimate fan favorites in the next few months.
After thirteen songs 'Early Grave' and 'Broken Cross' end the regular set. But ARCHITECTS come back for two encores. The melodic 'Hollow Crown' opens this part of the show. But the gig ends with the brutal "These Colours Do Not Run', whose Breakdown comes across live so hard that you tend to become afraid. After a little more than 65 minutes a more than good show concludes. I believe that since the "Never Say Die" tour 2009 no ARCHITECTS appearance was as good as today.

Text © by Sebastian Berning