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Location: Essigfabrik, Cologne

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Converge with Touché Amoré, A Storm of Light and The Secret

Heavy Metal Reviews

(23th Nov 2012) It seems like CONVERGE got rid of the hardcore tag that labeled them for years. The band became something every guiter driven scene can relate to. It doesn‘t matter if you‘re into hardcore, if you‘re into metal or into indie music, all these scenes attend to today‘s CONVERGE show.
But first ahead are THE SECRET. Their music is similiar to Sweden‘s GRIEVED, who deliver edgy hardcore with a very dark atmosphere. Their slowmotion music gets lost in a bad sounds that comes out of the venue‘s PA. The bass is far too loud and the guitars can‘t be heard most of the time. But acutally you don‘t miss anything. The show of the four-piece is very boring. They are just standing in the stage lights that shine from behind of them so you don‘t see their faces - what a big secret indeed.
Next in line are A STORM OF LIGHT. The band seems to put a lot of focus on the visual parts of their show. There is a beamer showing some film shots of explosions, violence, lava and other stuff. Actually you don‘t look at the musicians, which are just standing around and performing their sludge metal, which is quite boring as well as THE SECRET‘s music right before them was. If the weather outside the venue would have been better I‘m sure many people would have waited outside until the first two bands have played their sets which only a few people may have cared about.
Things are getting better rapidly as TOUCHÉ AMORÉ enter the stage. The five-piece became one of the biggest hypes in hardcore music. Just like CONVERGE they draw fans from various scenes. This might be because of the guitar sounds which remind me more of old JIMMY EAT WORLD than hardcore acts. The band is delivering a great show which features songs taken from both of their records, To The Beat Of A Dead Horse and last year‘s Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me, as well as some tunes that you find on one of their various split eps. This is the first time of this evening that there is moving before the stage - and sadly also ON stage. There are kids longing for the microphone to smash a line or two, stagedivers (including a man which is about 55 or older who knows all the band‘s lyrics and stagedives a few times).
Then it‘s up to CONVERGE to top TOUCHÉ AMORÉ‘s show. To be honest: they won‘t win the chellange. I have seen them before back in 2007 on a festival. Just like their records it‘s way too hard to stand it the whole time. After more than 20 minutes it gets very exhausting to listen to the bands furious blend of hardcore, punk, metal and grindcore.

Tonight there are about 800 people who want to see the band perform. Their most recent record All We Love We Leave Behind is better than the previous ones, but nothing I‘d really enjoy listening to all the time. CONVERGE only pick songs taken from their new record, Axe To Fall, You Fail Me and their classic Jane Doe, so they leave out a lot of material. Just like on CD it gets harder and harder to enjoy the American‘s show. There are only songs to punch you in the face, no melodies, no hooklines, only nerve strucking heaviness.
CONVERGE play for almost 70 minutes, which is a hard job for the musicians and for me as well. I‘m glad when the final chords are faded and the band finally left the stage. I think most of the crowd really enjoys the high-energy show of singer Javob Bennon and his crew, for me it was hard to enjoy. I don‘t think I‘ll ever need another show by that band if there aren‘t a lot of other great bands playing.

Text © by Sebastian Berning