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Location: Freizeitzentrum West

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Crashdiet with Sister and Sleekstain

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(10th Mai 2013) At the moment CRASHDIET are one of the world‘s finest glam/sleaze bands. The swedish foursome‘s most recent record, this year‘s “The Savage Playground“, is one hell of a rock‘n‘roll record. This is their first European run in support of their fourth record. They share the stage with SISTER, SLEEKSTAIN and FALLEN MAFIA, who are about to end their tour with CRASHDIET tonight.
Unfortunatly I don‘t make it in time for FALLEN MAFIA, so this evening‘s first band for tonight is SLEEKSTAIN. The French band seems to be quite unfamiliar to the crowd. Only a very few people seem to know these rockers already. To be honest: You haven‘t missed out on anything. The band plays some melodic hard rock tunes and has a quite moderate stage performance. There are hardly any highs or lows during their 25 minute set. Though, at the end of their short set they get more applause as they got in the first place.
SISTER are a different story. The Swedish sleaze band is well known in the scene. Their rude blend of sleaze, metal and punk is quite unique. No other band sounds that rude, antisocial or punk-fueled like this very fourpiece. I saw SISTER once before on the second Shout It Out Loud festival and was into them from the first seconds. ‘Body Blow‘ is the opener of their set. And people seem to dig what they see, because there are many hands up in the air and people singing along to the hard rocking tunes. The crowd‘s mood is getting even better when songs like ´Bullshit and Backstabbing´, ´Hated´, ´Spit On Me´ or ´Too Bad´ kick in. ´I Don‘t Care If You Die´ is an old track taken from their first ep “Dead Boys Making Noise“, but with ´Slay Yourself For Me´ SISTER present a new song from their forth coming album. After 45 minutes the band leaves the stage after one hell of a good show.
But headliners CRASHDIET are even better. The four Swedish enter the stage and kick off their show with “The Savage Playground“ opener ´Change The World´. Other new songs like ´Circus´ or ´Anarchy´ get a great crowd response. But it seems like people are all about to wait for tracks which appeared on the band‘s debut “Rest In Sleaze“.
´Queen Obscene/69 Shots´ is the first old track of tonight‘s setlist and now the crowd‘s reaction gets even better. Everybody seems to dance and sing along to that fast rocking tune.
Before the band kicks in to another new song, ´California‘, singer Simon Cruz dedicated this song to their late tour manager, who passed away a few weeks ago during the band‘s US leg of the tour. It‘s still hurting the band, obviously, because Cruz has a raw emotion during his vocal performance of this song. ´Rebel´, the following track, gets a raw treatment as well and is played faster than you can hear on the “Generation Wild“ record, but it suits this song very well.
After ´Garden of Babylon‘ the band leaves the stage for the first time, but returns soon afterwards and plays ´Riot In Everyone‘. During ´Generation Wild‘ the lads of FALLEN MAFIA enter the stage to say goodbye to CRASHDIET. Their vocalist stagedives for about 46 times during that songs, kind of annoying. After another short break CRASHDIET enter the stage one final time to play their new anthem ´Cocaine Cowboys´. After almost 70 minutes it‘s time to say goodbye after a real good show. For sure, this band is on top of their game and even HARDCORE SUPERSTAR aren‘t that good anymore as this band is now.

Text © by Sebastian Berning