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Location: Gebäude 9, Cologne

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Heavy Metal Reviews

(16th Juli 2012) So, this is GALLOWS‘ first German club show with their new singer Wade McNeil. The new line-up played some festival shows in Germany before but this is their first proper headline show in this country. People can be excited if the high energy standard of past gigs is still as high as before or if the incarnation of the Brit punks is getting lame and the shows aren‘t that exciting. But before people get an answer KOSSLOWSKI and KMPFSPRT are the first to enter the stage. Due to nose-to-tail traffic I‘m not able to witness KOSSLOWSKI‘s performance, but Germany‘s KMPFSPRT are up next. The foursome plays punk rock, somewhere between old THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM, first wave emo and indie rock such as German KETTCAR or TOMTE. Their lyrics are in German as well. They seem to be a nice bunch of dudes who like to play some music. There‘s no image, there are no bright-coloured tees or anything like that. Just four men with their instruments. The music is quite good as well so they slowly win over some people. Then it‘s up to GALLOWS 2.0 to set this place up. Starting with the orchestral intro to Misery people get excited a lot, especially as the bass line kicks in. Then there is some real serious pit action going on in front of the stage. It‘s strange somehow that so many people show up to witness this GALLOWS version‘s first real German club show. Last year the old line-up played a show in Dortmund (alongside RAZORLIGHT) and only about 200 people came to see the Brits. But now, with former ALEXISONFIRE-guitar player Wade McNeil as the new singer, there are about 400 people in the small and dark Gebäude 9. It takes a few songs for everyone to recognize that this is the new GALLOWS, but you get into it. It took me five songs and the massive chorus of Death Voices until I could fully enjoy the show. McNeil is doing a real good job as a vocalist. Of couse he is not as dangerous as former singer Frank Carter, neither is he that furious about the songs, though he seems to be confident now. There‘s just not the fire and hate in his eyes like it was in Carter‘s.

Orchestra of Wolves

Tonight‘s setlist draws heavily from the band‘s first two records, „Orchestra of Wolves“ and „Grey Britain“, but there‘s also enough space for three out of the four „Death Is Birth“ ep‘s songs and the brand new tune Last June, which features a massive crew vocal part during the chorus. Fans dig tracks such as Abandon Ship, London Is The Reason, In The Belly Of The Shark, Mondo Chaos, Death Is Birth, Leeches or the show‘s final Orchestra Of Wolves. After nearly an hour they leave the stage, but are back in town in just three months to come. This is promising some fine pit action with their new self-titled record out. The new GALLOWS may not be that wild and furious as before, though this was a real great show and you can still count on the British (now Canadian) fivepiece.

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