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Location: Essigfabrik, Cologne

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August Burns Red mit Blessthefall und Counterparts


(1th Oct 2013) AUGUST BURNS RED is on top of its game. Their most recent output “Rescue & Restore“ received great reviews from all around the world. It seems like there are only a few bands in today‘s scene who are capeable of stopping this metalcore-monster. This tour takes AUGUST BURNS RED to the biggest venues they‘ve ever headlined in Europe. Along with them they brought BLESSTHEFALL, which whom they‘ve toured across Europe before back in 2009, and COUNTERPARTS.
COUNTERPARTS is the first band of the evening. It seems like most people don‘t know this band. There are only a few people who are familiar with the songs this Canadian post-hardcore outfit plays. Their blend of darkened hardcore, small doses of THE SMITHS-like indie rock and some breakdowns is nice, but there could be more action on stage. But the musicians look very focused on playing rather than delivering a wild performance. In the middle of COUNTERPARTS‘ set vocalist Brendan Murphy asks if they could stay over at a fan‘s house tonight. It‘s kind of sad to see that AUGUST BURNS RED and BLESSTHEFALL are sharing a huge night-liner and their support band drives in a shitty van themselves without knowing where to spend the night. Finally, during the band‘s last track of their short six song run, ‘The Disconnect‘, there is some reaction in the crowd.
But there are more people, mostly female fans, who wait for BLESSTHEFALL, who enter the stage next. The band‘s backdrop is huge and looks like the one you‘d bring along if you are the headlining band. ‘You Wear A Crown, But You‘re No King‘ is the opening track for the band‘s set tonight. The boys on stage put on a good show. Clean vocalist Beau Bokan runs across the stage and splashes water into the crowd, why bassist Jared Warth shouts into his microphone. Due to this split of vocals Boken has enough time and power to jump across the whole stage, what makes him the center of attention. The band plays one metalcore-anthem after another. There are only tracks which are taken from the band‘s last three efforts which featured Bokan on the vocals. Fortunatly there is not a single track taken from the band‘s average emo/screamo debut record “His Last Walk“. Tunes such as ‘Bottomfeeder‘, ‘What‘s Left Of Me‘, ‘Hollow Bodies‘ or tonight‘s last one, ‘Promised Ones‘, belong to the best tracks this band has ever written. It‘s a real pleasure to watch BLESSTHEFALL‘s performance tonight.
The audience, which are about 600 people, waits for the headliner, AUGUST BURNS RED, who enter the stage after a short, but cool intro. ‘Provision‘, the opener of their new record “Rescue & Restore“, kicks in and there is a huge, but not very violent moshpit. The band will mostly play tracks taken from “Rescue & Restore“ as well as “Leveler“-songs. It would have been great to get a few more hits from “Messengers“, the band‘s second record. There will also be no material traken from the band‘s debut “Thrill Seeker“.
Nevermind, because the band is playing their technical tunes very tightly. Singer Jake Luhrs is a great entertainer, who dances along to the spanish flavoured parts of some songs which appeared on “Leveler“. He‘s good at entertaining, too, during some problems with the guitar amps. He just talks to the crowd and making sure everyone is having a good time. As the crowd askes for a drum solo, drummer Matt Greiner just plays a simple drum roll, ignoring the fan‘s request.
After ‘Spirit Breaker‘ AUGUST BURNS RED leave the stage, only to return a few moments later for the encore. ‘Composure‘ kicks in and the crowd just gets mental. This is another evidence they should have played more “Messengers“ songs. With the epic ‘White Washed‘ the band says goodnight. For sure this was a great concert evening and all of these band hopefully come back soon!

Text © by Sebastian Berning