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Location: AK 47, Dusseldorf

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Wolf Down with Benchpress and Giver

Wolf Down with Benchpress and Giver

(17th Jan 2014) WOLF DOWN is the hottest band around in Germany‘s current hardcore scene. The female fronted new school group formed around former SINK OR SWIM singer Larissa. After a two week long European tour WOLF DOWN and BENCHPRESS end their tour run in Düsseldorf. Due to there are no tickets sold in advance, there is a group of people standing outside the small venue even before the doors opened. And it is no surprise that all 180 tickets for the show are sold within half an hour.
First band on the bill is GIVER from Paderborn, Germany. The band released their debut ep “Choking On Pride“ last year, but it will see a vinyl-pressing this year. After waiting for 90 minutes for the first band to enter the stage, then it takes GIVER three songs to get themselves and the crowd as well in the right mood. Then it‘s a quite okay performance. Nothing special and nothing you will remember all your life. The five-piece tries to convince the audience and they succeed during the last song, when some kids get to the stage for a nice sing-along.
For sure I‘ll remember BENCHPRESS for a long time. Not because of a great performance or quite good tunes, rather than this boring performance. It‘s not enough that this US-band don‘t have the right songs, this performance is one of the most boring stuff I‘ve ever seen on a hardcore show. I have never seen a band play for two minutes and the singer is just standing on one spot like a tree. But most of the people right in front of the stage seem to enjoy this band. Some lost souls can‘t be helped.
Germany‘s finest, WOLF DOWN, know how to put on a great performance from the very start. The band is wild, but the crowd is even wilder! Sing-along, stagedives, kicking around - you‘ll find everything in this moshpit.
The setlist is a great mix of the band‘s three releases, both eps “MMXI“ and “Renegades“ and their critical acclaimed debut record, 2013‘s “Stray From The Path“. It‘s obvious that the new tracks are absolute fan-favourites. Tracks such as the title track, ‘Reality Slap‘, ‘Treasures of The World‘ or ‘Crown of Thorns‘ are designed for sweaty shows in small clubs. But I‘m pretty sure that this is one of the last chances to see WOLF DOWN in such tiny clubs. At least this band would deserve more attention, because this is one hell of a good hardcore show. The only breather are Larissas announcements in-between songs.
After a little more than half an hour WOLF DOWN and its crowd are exhausted. Though, this is no suprise, for this show was more than intense and far more than just good.

Text © by Sebastian Berning